Saturday, April 29, 2006

Two words: Jimmah Cartah

Over at the Wizbang blog, there is a post about the latest hub-bub from the left about how President Bush is the worse president ever. All I have to say is two words: Jimmah Cartah.

Some presidents are better when it comes to domestic issues than foreign policy and vise versa. However, Jimmah Cartah sucked at both. His foreign policies gave us the Iran Hostage fiasco and the 1980 Summer Olympics boycott and his domestic policies gave us gas shortages and 20% inflation. These are but just a few examples of his incompetence.

Why are liberals spouting these lies? Because their memory only goes back to 1992. Like the goldfish whose memory is only 4 to 5 seconds long, liberals today think that US history started in 1992 when the US was saved from utter destruction by the election of "Slick Willie" Clinton. So, we have found yet another way to tell if someone is a liberal or a conservative: they remember the past and as was pointed out by George Santayana, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Gas expensive? Fuggettaboutit!

For all you readers of The Warren who are complaining about the price of gas being around $3.00 per gallon, here's what I paid for a tank of gas las Wednesday here in Italy. The price of unleaded gas was 1.32 Euro per liter. I put 40 liters in my car for about 53 Euro. Since everything is in European/metric unit, I will now change these values mathemagically to numbers that people in the US can understand. The Euro/dollar exchange rate on Wednesday, 26 April was 1.23934 which means one liter of gas cost me about $1.64. So, I bought 40 liters of unleaded for $65.69. This wouldn't suck all that bad except there are 3.78 liters per gallon so 40 liters is actually equal to 10.58 gallons. So, my bottom line on Wednesday was that I spent $65.69 dollars for 10.58 liters of gas or $6.21 cents per gallon.

So, all you price of gas whiners in the US, come over here to Eurolandia and then you will really see what expensive gas is.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Why can't they do this every day of the year?

In case any of the regular readers of the Warren missed it, yesterday was the National Day of Silence. Participants in this largely symbolic (read:useless) exercise spent the entire day not talking (many with duct tape over their mouths) to "educate" the public (at large) what it is like to be gay and not be able to tell your friends/family/news media.

Why can't everyday be a "National Day of Silence" and spare the rest of us from endless pontificating about how gays are discriminated against? Maybe straight people should have their own "Day of Silence" where we get to walk around with earpulgs to symbolize that, for one day, we would really rather not hear about anything to do with the gay lifestyle, etc., because unlike the Hollywood and/or the news media, we think that choosing to live a gay lifestyle (no, contrary to what you may hope, you are not born that way; it is a choice) is abnormal.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This comes as no surprise (including the reactions)

As has been widely (at least in the Warren) expected, the LDS Church has decided to back an amendment (a statement released by the church here) to the US constitution defining marriage as only between a man and a woman. Given the LDS Church teachings on the family, this is no surprise, and the whining coming from the same-sex crowd of "discrimination" against their "families" is also no surprise. Can you say "broken record"?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Distant Thunder

Hear that, Tony Yapias? That's the sound of a backlash approaching.

Some in the blogosphere have cynically suggested that this is nothing more that Bush Admin PR in order to give supporters of the amnesty plan in the Senate political cover to pass the bill. I agree that it was done for political reasons, just not the ones MM is talking about.

I would argue that the White House has finally woken up and realized that if they don't do anything substantial about immigration, they'll be facing a Democrat-controlled Congress next January. Since to cave in on amnesty now would make them appear weak, and since neither the House plan nor the Senate has enough votes to make it through Congress, it looks as if immigration reform is dead for this year. So the Bush Administration is left with only one viable option: A high-profile crackdown.

Indeed, the more paranoid among us would say that this as another Brilliant Rovian Strategy: By making himself appear moderate but allowing the Democrats to kill the bill and thus cement the public perception that they are pro-illegal immigrant, the president now has political cover to order a crackdown that he hopes will satisfy many dissenters in his party while making the Democrats look weak on national security.

Nah. To paraphrase the saying, never ascribe to brilliance what can be attributed to incompetence.

As for the illegals themselves, it is interesting to see how quickly the "Si, se puede" hubris fades away in the face of only mild enforcement of immigration laws. Now we read the community is "nervous" after only 13 of Utah's estimated 90,000 illegals are detained in Tooele. We also read that the immigration community is trying to distance itself from the far-Left Reconquista kooks that are the driving force behind the upcoming May 1st strike. And now we read that they especially want those bratty teenagers with their Mexican flags to stay in school this time. Good idea. Right now, nothing would make Utahns madder than seeing a bunch of gansta-dressed teenagers waving Mexican flags and chanting nonsense about "Neustra Tierra" in Spanish while they tie up traffic downtown.

I predicted just a couple of weeks ago that there was going to be a crackdown and that the only question was how severe it would be. Given the Administration's history, that is still an open quesiton.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Justice, PC-style

The case of Duke Lacrosse Racist Rapists gets curiouser and curiouser.

Other than a snarky comment over at Bigwigs' place, I haven't said much about the case. I have my suspicions, but I'll mostly keep my mouth shut until the trial is over.

On the one hand, as a former high-school nerd I am fully aware of the fact that "student-athletes" in general are insufferable, obnoxious, pampered, immature, stupid pricks. And those are the good ones. The bad ones are rapists, burlars, robbers, thieves, and in some cases, murderers. So it doesn't take much to convince me that at the very least the Dukies -- especially the ones from exclusive private schools and rich neighborhoods -- would be capable of such an act.

However, on the other hand, the political and racial angle to this story is too great to ignore. DA Nifong's obvious political motivations are troubling, to say the least. It looks as if he's going to prosecute anyone, guilty or not, just to win re-election. That would be bad enough, but he's not even trying to look objective. It's all about winning, as the "student-athletes" would say.

If the accused players are determined to be innocent (and I will confess that I really don't know) then Mr. Nifong should be subject to severe penalties. I would hope it comes from the voters this fall. But failing that, he should be officially reprimanded and if possible, disbarred. From what I've seen, his handling of this case has been disgusting.

Why the Reconquista won't happen anytime soon

Michelle Malkin has a post which illustrates why many factions of the supposedly monolithic Hispanic voting bloc probably aren't very enamored with all this Reconquista talk from illegal immigrants.

Note that the victims in the story -- the older couple who told the protesting teenagers to learn English -- are Hispanics themselves. And great way to win friends and influence people, kids. I'm sure those Hispanics, and all the members of their extended Hispanic family, are going to eagerly support amnesty for Mexican illegals after their parents/grandparents' house gets pelted with rocks and eggs.

The Utah Media are fond of repeating -- usually when discussing illegal immigration -- that nearly 12%(!) of Utahs are Hispanic. Obviously, the implication is that every one of them recently crossed the border from Mexico, and they all will vote in the next election. But of course, that is highly simplistic, and is typical of liberals. Many, if not most, Hispanic Utahns are 3rd-, 4th-, or 5th-generation Americans who were born here, speak only English, and likely have Anglo relatives. They're not likely to be very enthusiastic about returning to Mexico.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rummie resign? Only in a terrorist fantasy.....

For the long Easter weekend here in Italy (soon to be France's lapdog), we went over to the other side of the country to Puglia to see the daughter. When I came back, I read that some "disgruntled" former generals were calling for Defense Secretary Rumsfeld's resignation. Like the President and the former Joint Chief of Staff, I feel that I should add my voice to his defense. However, not having worked with him personnally, I will let the facts do the talking.

If we are going to consider whether or not Secretary Rumsfeld should resign or not, let's first compare him to other defense secretaries for the last 50 years. 50 years ago, who was the defense secretary? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? For the EmptyTV generation, it was John McNamara. Who was John McNamara? Go ask anyone who remembers the Vietnam War and how badly President Johnson and John McNamara micro-managed the war. Instead of issuing a broad strategy for winning the war to the military and let the professionals take care of the problem, we went to Vietnam without the foggiest idea of how to win (sound familiar?). The US military was hamstrung by rules of engagement, designed not to win the war, but to avoid pissing off the Russians and the Chinese Communists. If you wanted to look up the word "Inept" in the dictionary, you would see the face of John McNamara (along with Jimmah Cartah's). Words by themselves do not convey the incompetence of John McNamara.

Fast forward to today. President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld are the direct opposite of those two buffoons from 1966. They issue the broad strategy (if the liberals would pull their heads out, they would see it) and then let the military, the experts, do their job. If Johnson and McNamara had done in Vietnam what President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld have done, the Vietnam war would not have lasted until the fall of Saigon in 1975. It would have been over in two to three years due to the fact that the US could have unleashed it's massive bomber force on North Vietnam in 1966 when the North Vietnamese air defenses were much weaker instead of waiting until 1972. How many men died due to Johnson's/McNamara's idiocracy? Their names are ingraved on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C.

So, before calling on Rumsfeld to resign, these generals should get their facts straight or at least remember what life was like during the Vietnam War since they are all old enough to remember what a fiasco the Vietnam War was, thanks to a Democratic president and his incompetent defense secretary.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Stupid Cop Tricks

Via SayUncle, we get a couple of examples of police stupidity. Both involve Federal cops from the alphabet soup agencies (DEA and BATFE).

Note to cops: If you don't want people to laugh at you, don't do stupid things.

I could have predicted this

The NBC series Commander in Chief is on its way out.

I ranted about the stupidity of this series last September. I never watched it, but based on the far-fetched plot of the silly pilot episode, I knew it wouldn't go anywhere. It was a feminist fantasy, a thinly-veiled Hillary for President commercial. No wonder no one watched it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thanks, but I'm not interested

Sorry, but this country already has plenty of angry, America-hating journalists.

Why subsidize the creation of more? (via Insty)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

News of the most important sporting event in the world

This year, during the month of June in Germany, the biggest sporting event in the world will take place. No, I'm not talking about anything as silly as the Olympics or the NBA playoffs. For all the unwashed A-mer-cun masses out there, I'm talking about something more important than live and death, I'm talking about the finals of the World Soccer Cup. The US qualified for the 32-nation competition and is currently ranked 5th in the world (although the performance in our from our latest games you would highly doubt it).

Since Germany is the host country, they are getting ready for the influx of soccer fans from around the world to see this sports competition. Saudi Arabia qualified for the competition and the hotel in Bad Nauheim (not far from Friedrichsdorf north of Frankfurt) is removing all un-Islamic influences like in-room porno movies and alcohol to either avoid tempting/corrupting the morals of the visiting Saudi soccer team.

Some members of the public may think that this is a very multicultural, respectful thing to do, BUT they would be very mistaken. In America, we say "What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas". In Saudi Arabia, "What happens outside of the Saudi Arabia, stays outside of Saudi Arabia". The members of the Saudi soccer team are probably looking forward to being outside in "Infidelland" to indulge in all those eeeevvvviiiiillllll Western infidel practices and now will be greatly disappointed (at least at the hotel). Kind of like Sir Lancelot saving Sir Galahad from "certain peril" at the hands of Zoot and her "not used-to-handsome knights" hench-girls (all between the ages of 16 to 19 and half years old) at Castle Anthrax.

Immigration Protest-blogging

Day 2 of the Great Salt Lake City Immigration Protests was yesterday, and since they were held just a block or so away from where Captain Holly parked his car, I stopped by for a few minutes on my way home. As with the Great MoonBat Convention of '05, I brought along my camera to provide a view of the protest that you wouldn't otherwise get from the MainStreamMedia, and thus join the "Army of Bloggers" covering the events.

The crowd was smaller than I expected, but that might have been due to the fact that many people were still at work, or perhaps the threat of rain kept some away. Or perhaps the breathless reports of massive crowds at Sunday's march were just typical media exaggerations. Like last year, I'm sure the left-wing Salt Lake Media were eager to portray this crowd as much bigger than it really was. Based on my observations there were no more than about 2,000 people in attendance.

It looks like everyone got the memo to be polite, neatly-dressed, and patriotic. I didn't see more than a handful of Gangsta-types; most everyone looked like they were selected straight out of central casting, with many families and small children present.

You could also count the number of Mexican flags on one hand. Everyone else was carrying an American flag, and except for a single minor exception they were displayed about as respectfully as one would expect at a NASCAR rally.

For those who are wondering who Alex Segura is, he's the leader of the local Minutemen chapter. The La Raza mafia hate nothing more than a patriotic Hispanic American.

Nor were there any angry Reconquista signs or banners; this one got about as close to Aztlan as the organizers dared (forget the fact that the Plains Indians would have been just as distressed by thousands of Mexicans taking their lands). Almost all were in English or bilingual. Clearly, the organizers learned from the debacle of a couple of weeks ago, when hundreds of angry, snotty teenagers waving Mexican flags spontaneously descended on Salt Lake City. Had these rallies been of the same tone that would have spelled the end of the movement politically, and the organizers knew it.

Which is good for them, because the Media were all over this, like, well, liberal media types on any left-wing protest (I was going to use a more "earthy" metaphor, but then I realized that would leave me open to the accusation of Hating Brown People). They were everywhere, including the sky; several helicopters hovered overhead. It was clear from their enthusiasm whose side they were on.

There were a few "counter-protesters". I put that in quotes because based on the crude, stereotypical signs they carried and the way they were dressed I'd be willing to bet that they were actually left-wing agent provocateurs. They looked like walking charicatures, what a University liberal thinks a typical conservative would look and act like.

And to support my contention, the guy who was carrying this sign looked rather familiar. I didn't think much of it until I was leaving, and I saw...

...that's right, the MoonBatMobile! The very same SUV plastered with anti-Bush, anti-corporate signs that I saw last year, parked right next to the square. That confirmed my suspicion that these guys were plants, as some of the crude cardboard signs around the vehicle were somewhat anti-illegal. Then again, the guy could just be a professional protester, someone who attends every protest in hopes he'll get lucky, score some good acid and get laid like he did at Haight-Ashbury back in '67.

Overall, while this was a successful protest for the organizers in terms of the fact they didn't alienate anyone, it probably will not bring any long-term success. Almost every poll on the subject shows that most Americans, including most Hispanics, want tough action on immigration. Like it or not, a crackdown is coming. The protests today, at best, will only soften the blow.

The Italian Election Debacle

Since I’m the Warren’s resident Italian election expert, I am performing my duty for all those who actually care what happens in Italia. Every five years, the Italy has a general election for the Prime Minister. Italy also has a president, but his office is mostly ceremonial. The Prime Minister is chosen by which side (the left or the right) wins the greatest percentage of the vote in the Senato and the lower chamber of Parliament. Usually, the winning side wins both the Senato and the lower chamber, but it looks like this year, the sides will be split with Berlusconi’s right-wing coalition wining the Senato and Prodi’s left-wing coalition winning the lower chamber of Parliament. The Italian constitution says that if neither party can form a government that both sides can live with, the whole mess gets dropped on the president’s lap to choose. The president has indicated that he would likely chose someone from the party who controls the lower chamber of parliament since you have to be 18 to vote for the lower chamber of parliament and 25 to vote for the Senato.

The margins of victory however at this time are so razor thin, that it looks like Italy will be going thru their version of the 2000 Election’s Florida recount including ballot problems. I heard on Italian radio that only 25,000 votes separate Prodi from Berlusconi in the lower chamber at this moment but there were 500,000 ballots that were excluded due to voting problems. All during the last week, there were commercials on TV instructing people how to vote and what not to do, but apparently, not everyone got the message. Berlusconi leads Prodi by one seat in the Senato, but there are six seats that are undecided at this time.

So, what happens if Prodi eventually wins? Prodi is another left-wing European bureaucrat who has the European Union flag tattoo on his chest. His idea of fixing a problem is throwing money at it and taxing "the rich". Berlusconi abolished the inheritance tax when he came to power and Prodi has said he will re-instate it, but only for "the rich" which is lefty-speak for everyone. Expect Italy to stop being Bush’s lapdog (as alleged by the anti-Iraqi war crowd) and start becoming France’s bootlicking poodle (A ma botte!).

If the Great El-ahrairah had the chance to vote, I would have voted for Berlusconi. At least he knows what drives the economy of a country. My sainted wife was supposed to vote, but didn’t for some reason. With the election so close, if Prodi wins, I’ll blame my wife and make her call to congratulate her cousin and his wife who are hard-core Prodi supporters and who also suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome (because Bush is to blame for everything). Needless to say, we don’t talk politics too much around when they are around.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Tales of Bureaucratic Stupidity

If you've ever wondered why the Federal Gubmint does such a lousy job of securing our borders, the Salt Lake Tribune recently provided this example, guaranteed to set your teeth on edge.

Since the Trib for some reason has been cutting off access to older articles, here's the short version of the story for when the above link rots: Guatemalan man and his family legally immigrate to the US about 13 years ago. He files the proper paperwork, and then hires a lawyer to make sure it gets through the system. Then he moves to Cache Valley, Utah, gets a job, has more kids, learns English, and in general becomes a Model Citizen.

Fast forward to a few months ago. Guatemalan man takes his mother to Immigration office so she can fill out the paperwork and start the process of legally immigrating. While he is there, Immigration bureaucrats tell him his lawyer didn't submit the proper paperwork and as a result, he's going to get deported for basically a technical violation.

While there was a happy ending to the story -- the public outcry caused the .gov to backtrack -- this is a classic example of bureaucratic shiftlessness. There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of recently-arrived illegal immigrants working on the dairy farms and in the slaughterhouses of Cache Valley. Yet the Immigration cops try to screw over someone who has tried to play by the rules, instead of rounding up the thousands who don't. Like the drunk looking for his car keys under the street lamp because that's where the light was the best, the INS employees cherry-picked an honest man who tried to do the right thing but didn't get everything perfect.

Hmmmm. Sounds kinda like the BATFE.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My expert immigration debate opinion (OK, you now know what to think)

Yet, again, just because of my superior mental abilities (or the fact that I’m currently married to a "fur-en-ner"), I’m The Warren’s expert on immigration issues. As such, it is my duty to weigh in on the current immigration debate.

As I see it, the US could do a few things that would make illegal immigration less popular. They are:

1. Do not automatically award citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants who are born in the US. This would take away the incentive for parents to come here and have children, knowing that they could not be thrown out later on down the road.

2. Build a security fence along the border a la Israel. I’m not talking about three strands of concertina wire, I’m talking about a 20-foot high concrete barrier which would really provide an obstacle to crossing the border. Some have said that a fence would not work, but it seems to have worked very well for the Israelis.

3. Not only make being in the US illegally a felony, but also make providing food, shelter and comfort to an illegal a felony. This would cause most of the jobs that are provided for illegals dry up if the business owner could be thrown in jail.

I think that if these items were implemented, illegal crossings would start going down since the incentives for illegally coming into the US would go way down. We would still have those members of the "free lunch", bleeding-hearts liberal crowd who would flaunt the laws, but eventually, after they are ruined economically from defending themselves in court, the word will get around that helping illegals is a quick way to loose your Malibu Ocean-front home.

Unfortunately, this being an election year, Congress, is suddenly all up in arms over this issue now (it’s called management by crises). Because of this, we are guaranteed to get some sort of legislation which does nothing to address the problem and will only give Congress an excuse to pat themselves on the back.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm back in the real world

My "sentence" in Iraq has finished and I'm back in the "real world" of Italy. It didn't take me all that long to get out since I was (for once) in the right place at the right time and was able to get on a medevac flight direct to Germany and not have to wait around with the rest of the unwashed masses for a flight to Kuwait or somewhere else.

I somewhat followed the national "debate" about Iraq and since I'm The Warren's resident Dubai Ports Expert because I've actually been to Dubai, I'm now the resident Iraq expert since I've actually been there. Ergo, all those looser Defeato-cratic senators and congressmen who are having reoccuring wet dreams of Iraq = QUAGMIRE should read The Warren but only if they can accept the truth (since they are libreals, I doubt it). Yes, I'm talking to you Kennedy. Anyway, I have three pieces of ancedotal evidence which will refute their Iraq=QUAGMIRE arguments, but like I said, if they can accept the truth. Now I'm talking to you Murtha (a marine? You? Probably some rear-area, desk pogue).

1) Where I was is also the base from where the flights that take fallen servicemen and women home to the US. These are called "Patriot Flights" and whenever there is one, a base-wide email is sent out to invite members of the military to go down to the airplane and pay their last respects to their fallen comrades. Last year, there was usually one or two a week. This year, there was maybe one a month. Um, I guess in liberal math, less dead soldiers = IRAQI QUAGMIRE!

2) Last time I was in Iraq, we had to wear our helmet and flak jackets numerous times for undetermined lengths of time. This time, we wore them for a lot less and only for a precise period of time of 24 hours, like a training exercise. Again, liberal math, less time armored up = IRAQI QUAGMIRE!

3) The IMMINENT IRAQI CIVIL WAR! When the mosque bombing went down in Samara (just up the road from where I was stationed), we weren't too sure how that would affect us. Well, as I pointed out before, we did nothing different than usual. If you only watched the MSM, you would have thought that the whole country was in flames, but guess what, it wasn't. It was business as usual for me and other than the MSM bringing up the subject EVERY 5 MINUTES, I quickly forgot about it.

Just after the President pointed out that the good that the US is doing in Iraq is going un-reported by the MSM, I was "privileged" to see a report by MSNBC (I think) by one of their station chiefs in Iraq taling about how hard his job was and making excuses about why the good stuff is being reported. The gist of his excuse was that Iraq is a dangerous place (duh!) and for him to go out and see what was going on in Iraq, he had to get all "armored up" and get military escort, etc., therefore, it was much easier for him to sit on his fanny in the safety of his hotel and just parrot what his Iraqi contacts bring him to report. So, the moral of this story is, if you want attention-grabbing headlines that are long on hype and short on truth, listen to the MSM. If you want the truth, you can talk to me or I will direct you to someone else who actually knows what is going on in Iraq.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

We must appease the Fire God!

Notwithstanding his squishiness lately about the War in Iraq, George Will hit one out of the park in his column today.

I refuse to take the Global Warming crowd seriously because for the past 40 years they have been so over-the-top in their rhetoric. Like a mob of Little Boys Crying Wolf, they have turned every environmental issue into a hysterial, life-or-death situation that requires everyone (but them of course) to give up all modern conveniences immediately in order to SAVE THE WORLD!

Global Warming is just their latest crusade, their most recent marketing ploy to convince the Proletariat that they're better off without nasty, dirty things like internal combustion engines and air conditioning. And of course, the MainStreamMedia are aiding their propaganda campaign by uncritically repeating their overheated claims. I doubt there's a single reporter who understands the science behind the issue; they simply publish the latest press release from the Sierra Club.

Anyone who is truly serious about curbing Global Warming has only two options: Return to the 1700's, or support nuclear power. Because unless there is a dramatic advance in technology, the only way we can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions is to convert our existing coal- and oil-fired power plants into nuclear ones.

Driving a Subaru instead of an Expedition won't do it, nor will any other of the feel-good solutions pushed by the Eco-Fundamentalists. The United States could shut down its entire economy tomorrow and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would still increase. Silly "Green" campaigns are roughly akin to terrified natives throwing virgins into active volcanoes: It might make you feel better, but in reality it changes nothing.

Better late than never

The headline says "O'Connor Helps Push Constitution"

To which I would respond: Why didn't you do that while you were on the Supreme Court?

The project, which is expected to go public this fall, seeks to create a complete online database of original source materials for the U.S. Constitution. In her 25-minute keynote address, O'Connor spoke about the importance of bringing the Constitution to life for all Americans, particularly school-age children.

"Each generation has to recommit itself to the Constitution," she said. "They have to learn about it, and they have to create anew their own sense of its principles."

O'Connor said former Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger, who chaired a presidential commission celebrating the Constitution's bicentennial, would be "most enthusiastic" about the project. "It would be his dream come true to see all of these documents available to everyone on the Web."

Maybe our Federal judges would then actually be able to, you know, read it. I know Burger never did.

A broken clock is right twice daily

One of my favorite targets finally gets an issue right.

Observing the immigration protests in Utah last week, DesNews columnist Lee Benson wonders why everyone was waving Mexican flags, and makes an important observation: If you're trying to convince the majority of Americans that you're happy to be here, then why not wave American flags?

Indeed. Over the past two weeks I have noticed my pragmatic personal views on immigration hardening into something simliar to those of the close-the-border lobby. It's not the illegal immigrants that bother me so much as the sense of entitlement that they carry with them: The idea that they deserve to be here. After seeing the open contempt these people have for American laws, culture, and history I can't help but feel we'd be much better off without them.

Here's a hint for the La Raza mafia: Loudly proclaiming your Mexican pride and calling Utah "nuestra tierra" might not be the best way to appeal to Americans. True, there are some 12 million illegal immigrants in the US. There are also some 280 million legal Americans. And if a strong majority of those 280 million "legals" ever perceive those 12 million "illegals" to be a significant threat to their welfare and way of life, you'll see closed borders and forced deportations faster than you can say "Reconquista".

You can bank on it.