Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amateur Hour in Texas

The shoes are starting to drop in Texas. A judge has ruled that the state of Texas had no right to seize the children when they raided the FLDS compound. When Texas moved in and seized the children, I remember the state of Utah being criticized for not doing the same. With this slap against Texas CPS, it shows who the experts (Utah) really are and who the amateurs (Texas) are when dealing with polygamists.

I do not condone what the FLDS church has been doing, but the way that their civil rights have been trampled on is appalling. What really gets me mad is the state of Texas is trampling the civil rights of the FLDS church by preventing them from worshipping their god in the way that they see fit and yet, we are running a Club Med for terrorists in Guantanamo, Cuba. Children are having their copies of the Book of Mormon (yes, they also believe in the Book of Mormon) removed and censored by the Texas CPS but the guards at Gitmo are forced to handle terrorist's copies of the Koran only when wearing white gloves. The terrorists in Gitmo are treated better than US citizens who are members of the FLDS church.

Unfortunately for the state of Texas, the fallout is not over yet, not by a long shot. I believe in the long run, after all is said and done, no FLDS children will be found abused, no underage FLDS brides will be found, the call that precipitated the raid will be found to be fake and the FLDS church will come away much, much richer thanks to some idiot in the Texas CPS. Can you say multi-billion dollar lawsuit? If I was a Texas personal-injury lawyer, I would be salivating at the prospect of lawsuit nirvana. If I was a Texan, I would be screaming for the heads of the idiots in the Texas CPS who authorized this "goat-rope".



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