Sunday, May 18, 2008

Why Obama = Osama

While reading some of the comments of my post "I guess the truth hurts, right Obama?", two commenters were rather "peeved" about my equating Obama with Osama. For those two commenters and anyone else who might think this is just a cheap, sophomoric attempt at humor [Editor Note: What, it isn't] , here is an explanation of why Obama = Osama.

Obama attended the Trinity United Church of Christ, a predominately black church for the last 20+ years and contributed money to the aforementioned church. The paster of that church, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, used the pulpit of this church to spew racist propaganda and hatred for the United States. If we compared the words of the Reverend Wright with those of Osama bin Laden, there would not be that big of a difference. Both hate the United States. Both hate Israel and the Jews. In fact, I would not be surprised if the Reverend Wright and Osama bin Laden read and use each other's material in their speeches. Because of this, Obama really does equal Osama.

I find it interesting that Obama supporters see no problem with Reverend Wright's words. They want us to try to understand why this is normal for an African-American to feel this way about the US and other races. Imagine if the Reverend Wright was white and preached at a predominately white church called the Church of Jesus Christ -Christian, a church affilated with the Aryan-Nation movement. Now imagine if one of the candidates for the presidency of the United States attend this church for 20+ years and contributed money to it. How fast do you think it would take for Obama, the NAACP and the rest of the Reverend Wright apoligists to denounce the church and the presidential candidate? Less than a femto-second, I would imagine.

It can be easily seen that those would what to give a pass to Obama and the Reverend Wright, would fall all over themselves to denounce any white candidate for president if he was in the same situation. This is called being a liberal, but is is also known as hypocrisy, which is a normal way of life for liberals.

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