Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yet another update to an update of an election post

Way back before Super-Duper Tuesday in February, I post this on who I would be voting for. I wanted to comment on that before now, but I was busy, bored and/or basically lazy.

Anyway, after the dust settled on Super-Duper Tuesday, McCain pretty well cleaned everyone's clock, so after a few more primaries, Mitt Romney saw the writing on the wall and got out of the presidential race. I was hoping that he would do better, but it wasn't to be. After Romney got out, McCain was the winner by default, so now the question mark is who will be his vice presidential candidate. Over on the Democratic side, Obama and Hillary are fighting it out. It's looking like Obama will be the nominee, but Hillary is still in the race at this point.

Since there are three candidates still running for president, here is my analysis on who the Great El-ahrairah will be voting for.

Obama: I am ashamed to say that I actually considered voting for Obama when it looked like Mitt would loose the nomination for the Republicans. After I came to my senses and evaluated my decision, I came to the conclusion that I had to be on crack to vote for a looser like Obama. He is just another Socialist in Democratic clothing, his wife is a whining quota-queen and they are both black racists since they associate with other know black racists like Reverend Wright. If he was elected, expect another Jimmy Car-tah presidency with a healthy dash of reverse discrimination against whites thrown-in. Race relations in America will take a major step backwards.

Hillary: The more I see the Democratic cat-fight unfold, the more respect I have for Hillary. That isn't saying much, but at least, compared to Obama the Racist, she is much more experienced and down to earth. Of the two, Hillary is the better candidate. Unfortunately, I don't think she will be the nominee after the Democratic convention. Too bad. If the Republicans are destined to loose to a Democrat, I would rather it be Hillary than Racist Obama.

McCain: Although I admire McCain on his unwavering support for the military and the war against terrorism, there are things about him that make me cringe like his stance on illegal immigration and global warming. Mitt Romney got out of the race because he didn't want his continued candidacy to weaken the Republican nominee and become an advantage to the Democrats, thereby causing a Democrat to be elected president knowing that they would surrender to the terrorists and runaway from Iraq. I feel the same way, but I still have problems with McCain.

So there you have it. Three bad choices for president. For Republicans, it's the lesser of three evils, so I'll hold my nose and vote for McCain because I know he will continue to pursue and kill terrorists, but I'm not happy with what else I have to accept with a McCain presidency. I hope he picks a real conservative for his running mate (maybe Mitt) to balance out the wacky liberal ideas that he has.

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