Saturday, January 26, 2008

Althought I'll be watching the Miss America Pagent..... (now with Update!)

..... never fear, I haven't come out of the closet. As I blogged back in July 2007, Utah's entrant to the pagent is a member of the Utah National Guard, ergo, being a proud son of the great State of Utah, I want to see if she wins does all Utahns and members of the armed forces proud. She has already made history by being the first combat veteran in the pagent, so winning would make even more history.

However, if the Cap'n is reading this, rest assured, I'll switch channels to something more "manly" as soon as she is cut from the competition.

Update: Well, Miss Utah made the final 16, but didn't win. The winner was Miss Michigan who overcame anorexia and wants to perform on Broadway won. The judges didn't select her in the final 15, but she was America's choice (which makes sense. America loves the military), so she got in that way. Although Miss Utah runs marathons, she decided to wear a one-piece swimsuit and I think that is why she didn't make the final 10. Or it could be that the judges think that singing opera and overcoming eating disorders is more important than defending the country.

When she was eliminated, she dropped and did some push ups (followed by the rest of the contestants) and then walked off the stage. I wonder if that has made it as a YouTube video yet? Anyway, after she was eliminated, there was no other reason to watch (how many times can you watch beauty pagent contestants talke about how they want "world peace"?) and I changed the channel.

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