Thursday, November 08, 2007

Toys for the war-mongering dictator in all of us

Over at the Corner, there is a link to a Lego toy competitor which shows who really knows what little boys like. Go to the webpage and click on the Army-Desert link on the right-hand side. Next, click on the picture, fourth from the top on the left. What do you have? A SCUD missile and launcher in all it's LEGO-ish glory. The caption states that "the set will build one large ballistic missile launch vehicle with ballistic missile. Featuring: two fully accessible driver cabs, side access doors, retractable launch pad with stabilizing legs, one support personnel jeep, five soldiers in full camoflage uniforms, decals/transfers and scale weapons." And it's just in time for Christmas.

What I like is the smile on the face of the kid playing with the toy. He's probably thinking about how he will launch an pre-emptive strike on Barbie's Beach House before Barbie signs a mutual defense pact with G.I. Joe.


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