Saturday, September 30, 2006

Al-Qaeda officially joins the Democrats

Well, not actually.

But they're certainly saying the same things: "BUSH LIED, PEOPLE DIED!"

Note to Moonbat Peaceniks: Doesn't it make you the teensiest bit uncomfortable to be saying the same things that our sworn enemies are saying?

No, I didn't think so.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mel's a quick learner

Let's take a quiz.

Q: Say you're a famous actor. What's the fastest way to make Hollywood forgive your anti-Semitism?

A: Criticize the war in Iraq.

You gotta admit, old Mel picks things up fast.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Whatever you do, don't piss them off!

The MSM and the Defeato-crats have been making alot of a national intelligence report that states that the Iraq war has increased the terror threat. From what I have read, the report is classified which makes me wonder what parts of the report the MSM convienently decided to keep secret so as to not interfere with the message that, OK wait for it, Bush Lied, People Died!

Like most everything that has to do with the Global War on Terror, the MSM and the Defeato-crats don't have a clue. To them, terrorists are just like the wasp nest in the backyard that your parents told you not to play with since it would only make the wasps mad. According to them, if we just left the terrorists alone in whatever low-rent third-world country that they are able to take over, they will leave us alone and we will live together in kum-buy-ya harmony. If anyone believes that, they obivously also believe that President Klinton didn't have sex with that woman (Monica Lewinsky, not his harpy wife) either.

Earth to the MSM/Defeato-crats! Terrorists are not like wasps. They will not go away and leave us alone. They will not stop until all infidels are either 1) dead or 2) converted to Islam. I could throw out an old "law-and-order" analogy about crime and criminals here, but it would still go over the MSM/Defeato-crat's heads, so why waste the space. To use an old saying from the Old West, "The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist." Back during the election of 2004, John "War Hero" Kerry was saying that he wanted to make the world safe for Americans again. I voted for Bush because I didn't want a president who wanted to make the world safe for Americans, I wanted a president would make the world dangerous for terrorists, ergo, whether this national intelligence estimate is correct or not makes no difference in the big scheme of things. What is more important is how many terrorists have been sent to their heavenly reward of 72 virgins. If the MSM and Defeato-crats want a safer world for Americans, then start helping the President kill terrorists now in Iraq. If not, we will be fighting them here in American within a few years (at which time, the MSM and the Defeato-crats will convienently forget that they wanted it that way in the first place).

Monday, September 18, 2006

Been taking a blogging break this weekend. Watched BYU choke in another big game (0-12 in the past 7 years against ranked teams) and showed my son how to clean his guns; he didn't enjoy it as much as getting them dirty.

Plus, sometimes I just don't have the motivation or energy to blog about everything that pops up on my radar. I would have volunteered to guest-blog over at Goldstein's but I knew I wouldn't have the time.

I'll be back in a few days.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Never forget 9/11? Yeah, right!

It's early in the morning and I might get in trouble for this post, but I have to write down my general impressions on this the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Normally, I'm a pretty optimistic guy. I've studied and seen alot of history in my 40-odd years on this earth, and it's given me perspective to make it through the difficult times. But my optimism has been failing me of late as I watch the bed-wetting and hand-wringing going on in America today.

Take the 9/11 ceremonies, for example. Instead of using the shock and anger over 9/11 to galvanize the American public to finish the job against Islamic extremism, they probably will devolve into an Oprah-like sobfest of victimhood that will eventually undercut America's will. Our resolve after today will not be "Never again" but instead "Never forget", in the sense we'll never be able to move on, never be able to get over how awful the day was and never be able to stop hearing how so-and-so can't sleep or so-and-so has flashbacks from watching TV or how we shouldn't see such images because they're too disturbing or might make some nut so angry that he writes impolite graffiti on the local mosque.

For Americans of my father's generation, remembering Pearl Harbor was an exercise in renewing their resolve to win; for Americans today, remembering 9/11 is an exercise in group therapy.

Think I'm exaggerating? Hardly. If current polls are to be believed, a solid majority of Americans are willing to cut and run from Iraq just because things aren't going perfectly there. We flinch at casualty numbers that during the Viet Nam war would have been cause for celebration in the streets. We seem to have allowed ourselves to be convinced that if we just give up there, the terrorists will leave us alone elsewhere.

(Particularly laughable is the Democrat's assertion that if they were in power, they'd put our troops in Afghanistan to try to find bin Laden. Just as I was waking this morning I heard a story on the radio which breathlessly reported how the Taliban is growing stronger there every day. In the eyes of the Chicken Little Media, Afghanistan is as much a quagmire as Iraq. If all the troops in Iraq were in Afghanistan, the Left would still be calling for our immediate withdrawl.)

So I guess I'm a bit cynical on this fifth anniversary of 9/11. Instead of helping America win the War on Terror, it's helping turn us into a nation of whining victims. Instead of being used to whip us into a righteous fury, it's being used to reduce us to helpless sobbing. Instead of resolving to kill the bastards wherever and whenever we find them, we are resolving to understand our enemy and not judge them too harshly.

The 9/11 attacks were an acid test of America's resolve. Based on what I've seen lately, we're coming very close to failing that test.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rocky lets his mask slip a bit

It's official: SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson has gone off the deep end.

When invited to an official 9/11 commemoration this Monday, Rocky declined. Like his fellow Moonbat Conspiracy Theorists, Rocky isn't going to be fooled by this "commemorative" walk. It's really a secret Rovian plot designed to gin up support for Chimpy's Illegal War in Iraq.

Ooooo-kay. So I guess we can now throw out all that flowery talk about supporting the troops and opposing terror. Given his history, this isn't surprising. What is surprising is how many people are still willing to treat him seriously.

Rocky isn't patriotic. He isn't courageous. He isn't even neutral.

He's on the other side.

BYU tries to protect its reputation

Physics professor Steven Jones, one of the so-called "9/11 Scholars for Truth" has been placed on paid leave, pending an official investigation.

I blogged about this last fall. I'm kind of ambivalent about it; if he wants to make an ass of himself, he should be free to do so. However, I can understand why BYU wanted to protect its good name. The members of this group are about as moonbatty as you can get; John Birchers have a better grasp on reality than they do. Any university that lets itself be associated with them will come out looking bad.

This is a pleasant surprise

The Utah State Supreme Court has told the University of Utah that if it is part of state government, it has to follow state law (h/t Insty).

I was originally quite skeptical that the court would do the right thing. After all, two of the five members of the court are U of U alumni, and the court has not been an enthusiastically pro-gun. I was expecting a decision full of tortured logic on how the U was somehow different than other state agencies. And as I would have guessed, Chief Justice Christine Durham completely ignored the law.

U of U President Michael Young said they will appeal the issue to federal court. Of course he would; the idea that those drooling hicks in the valley actually are in charge is anathema to the Mandarins on University Hill. Perhaps this winter the Utah Legislature should look at the issue and start taking steps to bring the scofflaws in line, though given the past history, that's not likely.

Sorry President Young, the U isn't a private school: If you want our money, you accept our laws.