Monday, March 26, 2007

What I'm Reading Now

(Posted for El-ahrairah at his request -- CH)

Contrary to popular opinion, the Great El-ahrairah has not fallen off the world. I’ve just been banished to yet another Middle-Eastern country with lots of oil and not much population where my internet access is controlled by the US military.

Anyway, because I have lots of time on my hands when I’m not at work, I’ve been reading other books than I usually read. Since you can find out much about a person by the kinds of books that he reads, here is a list of the books that I have read recently.

1491 by Charles C. Mann. I picked this book up in the airport on my way to this palm oasis. I had never heard about it before, but after reading the back cover, I decided to read it since it talks about what the Americas were like before Christopher Columbus arrived on the scene. I also wanted to know more about pre-Columbian Indian cultures because this interests me from a religious standpoint. A very good book to de-bunk environ-mentalists claims that the Indians in the US lived together in kum-buy-ya harmony before those white oppressor European males showed up and ruined everything.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism) by Christopher C. Horner. After the former Vice President Al “Chicken Little” Gore’s documentary “won” (or was “selected” for) the Oscar, I was poking around on the Internet and stumbled across this book. I immediately ordered (and I did not pass “GO” or collect $500) it from Amazon since anything entitled “Politically Incorrect” must mean that liberals won’t want me to read it because of the truth to be found therein. Before I read the book, I always knew that the theory of man causing global warming was “junk science”, but now I have even more facts to back it up. For those readers of the Warren who still believe what Al Gore says about Global Warming (or the invention of the Iinternet), well, I guess you probably still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. All three have the same basis in truth, which is none.

America Alone by Mark Steyn. Mr. Columnist to the World hit this one on the head about the threat that radical (and moderate) Islam poses to the world. As the Cap’n pointed out in a previous post, Mark Steyn knows demographics and in the same way that gay liberals who can’t breed will have zero influence in politics 20 years down the line to “Christers” who do, Europe is slowing doing its death spiral. Having lived in France and seen the Arab ghettos, he didn’t need to tell me that France would someday be majority Muslim, but I didn’t suspect other European countries were worse off that France.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) by Robert Spencer. I haven’t read this book yet, but it is waiting for me back in the US. I thought I could probably have it sent here, but if the host nation customs found it, well, maybe I should wait and read it when I get home.

Here are four books that any true American should have in his or her home to help him or her defend his or her beliefs against the stupidity that is called modern liberalism. Remember, knowledge is power and since liberals prefer the unwashed masses to be uninformed, an informed American is one less mind-control robot for the liberals.

A Perfect Response to the YouTube Generation

(Posted from an e-mail at El-ahrairah's request. Spelling and grammar errors are his -- CH)

As most readers of the Warren know, the Great El-ahrairah supports President Bush’s policy in Iraq, However, there are times when I wish that he would be less of a “uniter” and more of a “divider”, or at least use the “bully-pulpit” to call his detractors out. With Grandma Pelosi and the rest of the Defeato-cratic House passing a pork-laden spending bill to fund the troops, here’s what I think the president should do in response. Since being a gentleman and playing nice doesn’t get anywhere with the MSM, he should take off the gloves and let the chips fall where they may. This response will also play into the YouTube generation’s fascination with internet video and will be seen around the world.

What the president should do is call a special news conference. Since the sharks in the MSM are circling after smelling Attorney General Gonzales’ blood in the water, it should be “leaked” that he will be making a major news announcement about this subject. There will be wall-to-wall coverage for, what everyone will believe to be the announcement of Attorney General Gonzales’ head.

However, at the news conference, instead of talking about Attorney General Gonzales, he starts talking about the war in Iraq and the Defeato-cratic spending bill. Just picture in your mind the following news conference:

“Last week, the House passed an Iraq/Afghanistan military spending bill that imposes artificial time limits and troop withdrawals from Iraq. I asked the Congress to send me a spending bill devoid of anything other than what I asked for, but Congress did not listen and essentially has told the terrorists that the United States is preparing to surrender. Since the Democrats in Congress are so quick to give up to terrorists, the same people who killed some many innocent Americans on September 11, 2001, I thought that maybe we should help them get ready for their surrender party and as such, I have prepared 218 white surrender flags, personalized with the names of each representative who voted to “cut and run” from Iraq.” At this point, the president has a large box filled with small white surrender flags bought out front, and then like Santa Claus, he pulls out a handful of flags and starts reading the names on them. “OK, well, it looks like this flag is for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I’m sure that this will be something that she will be proud to show her grandchildren in the future. Here’s one for Congressman Murtha. I’m sure that it will go good with his medals that he earned in Vietnam” etc. It would probably take too much time, but he should name the names of each and every representative who voted for the spending bill so that when the next election cycle comes around, the video of this new conference can be used in countless election commercials of their opponents.

The Defeato-crats and the MSM will howl in protest, but it will get the point across to the American people just what the Defeato-crats voted for. Unfortunately, I doubt the president will do this, so this will just be another conservative pipedream.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mark Steyn reads this blog

Mark Steyn, who describes himself as a "world-class demography bore", has yet another example of how those who have kids end up controlling the world. Well, not quite, but he points out to those who think Mormons are weird religious fringe-types that within a decade or so there will be more of them than Jews, Presbyterians, or most other "mainline" Christian churches.

This echoes what I've been saying here for quite a while. As I put it when considering the future of gay marriage, my wife and I have four children. Andrew Sullivan and his partner have a beagle. In 2020, which household will have a greater influence on the political process?

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Let Freedom Ring!

The Second Amendment confers an individual right.

In other news, water is wet, fire is hot, and Bill Clinton is a philanderer.

This is a great victory, if only because the biggest losers are the Democrat Party. They won last fall by ignoring the gun control issue; if it is a major issue next year they'll have a hard time winning the moderates they captured last time around.

It's a good day, indeed.


Saturday, March 03, 2007

We're all gonna die and it's George Bush's fault!

Reading the headline of this story, one would think that Utah's air quality has taken a turn for the worse. An ALL TIME HIGH of "red" pollution days! OMG! Teh OHNOZ!

But then reading down through the article, one finds that the reason the number was so high was the standards have been cut in half. So, days with pollution levels that last year would have only merited a "yellow" alert were now "red" this winter.

Never mind.

Utah's air quality has been improving for years, but some people just can't accept the good news. Well, at least as long as the Republicans are running things. The LameStreamMedia won't tell us about the improvement in air quality until there's a Democrat in the White House or Governor's mansion.


Urban Cowboys

Drove to work yesterday in the middle of the big snowstorm. I counted at least three 4-wheel drive trucks and SUVs slipping and sliding in the snow. For some reason, their drivers insisted on driving with their back wheels, even on hills.

Note to Californians: You can drive on snowy roads in "4 High". It's okay. Really.


Thursday, March 01, 2007

These are hilarious

Been spending some time over at lately, you know, gun nut forum and all that. Found a couple of threads that are so funny I had tears in my eyes after reading them. The comments from the readers are the best part.


Not Sure I Like New Blogger

But I'll give it a try. Not that I have any choice in the matter. Facist bastards.

UPDATE: That was kinda snotty, considering how they don't charge me for any of this.