Monday, March 26, 2007

A Perfect Response to the YouTube Generation

(Posted from an e-mail at El-ahrairah's request. Spelling and grammar errors are his -- CH)

As most readers of the Warren know, the Great El-ahrairah supports President Bush’s policy in Iraq, However, there are times when I wish that he would be less of a “uniter” and more of a “divider”, or at least use the “bully-pulpit” to call his detractors out. With Grandma Pelosi and the rest of the Defeato-cratic House passing a pork-laden spending bill to fund the troops, here’s what I think the president should do in response. Since being a gentleman and playing nice doesn’t get anywhere with the MSM, he should take off the gloves and let the chips fall where they may. This response will also play into the YouTube generation’s fascination with internet video and will be seen around the world.

What the president should do is call a special news conference. Since the sharks in the MSM are circling after smelling Attorney General Gonzales’ blood in the water, it should be “leaked” that he will be making a major news announcement about this subject. There will be wall-to-wall coverage for, what everyone will believe to be the announcement of Attorney General Gonzales’ head.

However, at the news conference, instead of talking about Attorney General Gonzales, he starts talking about the war in Iraq and the Defeato-cratic spending bill. Just picture in your mind the following news conference:

“Last week, the House passed an Iraq/Afghanistan military spending bill that imposes artificial time limits and troop withdrawals from Iraq. I asked the Congress to send me a spending bill devoid of anything other than what I asked for, but Congress did not listen and essentially has told the terrorists that the United States is preparing to surrender. Since the Democrats in Congress are so quick to give up to terrorists, the same people who killed some many innocent Americans on September 11, 2001, I thought that maybe we should help them get ready for their surrender party and as such, I have prepared 218 white surrender flags, personalized with the names of each representative who voted to “cut and run” from Iraq.” At this point, the president has a large box filled with small white surrender flags bought out front, and then like Santa Claus, he pulls out a handful of flags and starts reading the names on them. “OK, well, it looks like this flag is for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I’m sure that this will be something that she will be proud to show her grandchildren in the future. Here’s one for Congressman Murtha. I’m sure that it will go good with his medals that he earned in Vietnam” etc. It would probably take too much time, but he should name the names of each and every representative who voted for the spending bill so that when the next election cycle comes around, the video of this new conference can be used in countless election commercials of their opponents.

The Defeato-crats and the MSM will howl in protest, but it will get the point across to the American people just what the Defeato-crats voted for. Unfortunately, I doubt the president will do this, so this will just be another conservative pipedream.


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