Sunday, June 29, 2008

What goes around.......

......comes around. The other day, while flipping thru the channels, I chanced upon one of those morning news shows geared towards women. If I remember right, it was on Fox and called Mike and Jane in the Morning or something along those lines. The hosts were doing a segment on how more and more women were earning more than their husbands and how that has changed divorce in the United States for the fact that more and more women are finding themselves on the short end of the alimony stick. Having gone thru a divorce with my first wife and having had to play the alimony game, my ears perked right up when I heard that.

One of their guests was a woman who was required by the court to pay alimony to her husband of 10 years. Her sad sob story was as follows: Her husband was a former baseball player who didn't have a whole lot when they met. She was a successful business woman with a net worth of over 1 million. They were married, but unfortunately, after 10 years of putting up with her husband's multiple infidelities, she finally divorced him. When she got to divorce court, her husband's evil lawyer and the mean judge conspired against her and forced her to pay her husband alimony to the tune of $50,000 per month (I think). And the to make matters worse, she suspected that her husband had been planning this from the beginning of their relationship.

When I heard her tale of woe, I said "Well, welcome to a divorced man's world, sister!". How many men have been taken to the cleaners by women in divorce court? How many men have married women with nothing and wound up loosing a big chunk o' change just because they were stupid enough to say "I do"? How many men have suddenly realized that their wives were planning on divorcing them from day one and only married them for their money? If you are stupid enough to think that any normal man who has had to go thru a divorce and see just how badly they are screwed has any sympathy for your situation, then you deserve what you got. Not only did I say "Yeah! Finally a man gets to screw the woman in divorce court!", I cheered and wanted to shake that man's hand. Yeah! Do it to her for your less-fortunate brothers!

Now, if you are a woman and are appalled that I would be cheering for her deadbeat husband, well, then you need to get a life and see just exactly how badly men are discriminated against in court. Then maybe you can understand why I'm so happy to see her get screwed by the system.


A LSM-generated controversy

Today is Gay Pride Day in San Francisco, the day when gays can dress up like drag queens or wear seat-less leather pants and expect the rest of the United States to take them as "normal". Not conincidently, it is also the day that the First Presidency of the LDS Church will have "the letter" read in California church meetings, urging the members to do all they can to pass the "one man, one woman" marriage amendment to the California constitution.

Since gay marriage is something that the LSM supports, naturally, they will go out and find any members of the LDS Church which do not support the church's stand on gay marriage and give them a forum to rail against the evil LDS Church. Of course, these members of the LDS Church will be shown as "thoughtful" and "open-minded" in contrast with the "bigoted" LDS Church. Some will have even gone so far as leaving the evil LDS Church for their beliefs, which will be found to be "principled" and "courageous" and everyone will come away thinking what a bunch of hateful right-wingers are the LDS Church.

Actually, what the LSM shows and what is the truth are two different things. It has been my experience that members of the LDS Church who "spout off" like this have already been thinking of leaving the LDS Church for many years and are almost already inactive or because of their behavior against the teachings of the LDS Church, could be excommunicated if their local church authorities found out. However, they don't want to offend their friends and family (leaving the church would kill your parents and Grandma might just cut you out of her $1 million dollar estate when she dies), so to make it look like it's not their fault, they "manufacture" some reason, whether that be gay marriage, Utah state liquor laws or the defunct Equal Rights Amendment of the 70's to leave the church. That way, the family is not offended and the ex-member comes off like a saint for living up to his or hers convictions. In general, this last only for a short time until the person's family suddenly finds out that all this talk about leaving the church "just for a short time" was a big lie when the former-member suddenly moves in with his or hers "special friend" and starts drinking booze, smoking and generally living like someone from Sodom and Gomorrah. People outside the LDS Church may think that this is an over-simplification, but it happens all the time.

Bottom line: There will always be critics of anything the LDS Church does, both in and outside of the church and they are not indicative of membership of the LDS Church.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Belated Hike Blogging: Mt. Aire, Wasatch-Cache National Forest

My wife and I did this hike on June 14, 2008.

There are several relatively easy hiking trails near Salt Lake City that allow you to bag a peak in a short time. Mount Aire is probably one of the most popular.

The trail begins at the Elbow Fork trailhead in Millcreek Canyon. At least after July 1st it does; until then the road is closed off more than a mile below that point and you have to start there. It isn't hard hiking but it ends up adding more than 2 miles to the distance. But as you can see, it is picturesque.

The summit itself is less than 2 miles from the trailhead and the trail is well-marked. However, it is deceptively steep, rising about 1,000 feet per mile. When you get on top you can see quite far. Looking to the east you can see Interstate 80 going up over Parley's Summit.

To the west is Salt Lake City and Grandeur Peak. Some people hike the ridgeline all the way down.

It's a fairly easy hike and as you can see from the pictures the trail is open and snow-free several weeks before some of the higher peaks in Salt Lake County. There was a section that was still muddy, but overall a good hike.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

OK, now we are pissed!

With the recent Californication of the institiution of marriage (also here) and the proposed amendment to the California constitution to ban the practice of gay marriage, the LDS Church has weighed in on the amendment by urging it's members to do everything in their power to pass the amendment.

Some may think that the LDS Church should just "butt out and mind it's own business" or that the mighty Supreme Court has spoken and we should all grovel at their feet ("I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy"). Unfortunately for those who think in this way, many years ago, there was once a liberal group in Utah called the ACLU who decided to go to court to stop the LDS Church from "mettling" in government affairs. It seems that the LDS Church was lobbying the state legislature of Utah (Oh NO! Say it isn't so!) in regards to some ballot inititive. The ACLU thought that since the LDS Church was a religious organization, the church should not be allowed to lobby government entities since this would be a violation of the separation of church and state. The ACLU predicted victory over the evil LDS Church since everyone knows that only organizations like the ACLU who only have the purest intentions when they sue local governments over nativity scenes, etc., should only be allowed to lobby the legislature. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, the ACLU forgot to read the Constitution where it states that anyone can lobby the government, even religions, which was convienently pointed out to them by the court. After all, if we start preventing churches from lobbying the government, who will be next? Pompous jerks like the ACLU? We can only pray.

Anyway, I hope the people of California wake up to what is transpiring around them and vote to outlaw gay marriage. As many have pointed out, allowing gay marriage is the proverbial "slippery slope" which will lead to removing laws against polygamy and age of consent laws. Supporters of gay marriage say that this will never happen, but then until a few years ago, nobody thought that we would be fighting gay marriage because "it would never happen." If the courts can "magically" find some reason to allow gay marriage, they will also "magically" find some reason to allow polygamy or some reason to do away with age of consent laws. If you don't believe me, just stand by. You will be surprised to what depths the courts will sink when controlled by liberals.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Can I have some jam with my toast?

The man who started the whole global warming fiasco, NASA scientist James Hansen, now says that, unless we take drastic action right now (do not pass go, do not collect $50), then "We're toast!" Remember, this is one of those very intelligent NASA scientists who crashed not one, but two Mars landers into the red planet due to "miscalculations" of the kind that that first-year physics students make, so when he says that the earth is in danger of being destroyed due to global warming, I take it with a grain of salt. Maybe he's just pissed that Al "Chicken Little" Gore gets all the publicity, so he's trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame.

As for global warming, I believe that the earth is getting warmer, BUT I do not believe that man is the cause, ergo, any measures that man takes to combat global warming will have no effect and will be a colossal waste of time and/or money. So, if you are will to buy what Mr. Hansen is cooking, then go right ahead. Just don't ask him about those crashed Mars landers. He might not like having gloabl warming lumped in with two NASA fiascos.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Outrage, liberal style

Recently, in the Great State of Utah, there has been outrage, outrage I say, that some entrepreneurs would want to make a cheap buck off making fun of the Obamamessiah. Apparently, they came up with the idea of making an Obama sock puppet which looked alot like Curious George, the monkey. Unfortunately, the forces of liberal outrage marshalled themselves to put a stop to this and shutdown this flagant profanement of the image of the Obamamessiah.

When I heard about it, I thought it would be an actual sock puppet, you know, the kind that you put your hand in, but after seeing a picture of the puppet, it wasn't what I thought. However, with everyone screaming "Racist! He has insulted the image of the Obamamessiah! Off with their heads!", I'm of the opinion that the company should try to manufacture it. If everyone really deep, down inside thinks that it is sick and racist, then the company will go bankrupt. However, I wouldn't be so sure.

Now for all you liberal readers of the Warren who are shocked and scandalized that I would not show any kind of outrage, I ask you this: Have you ever seen the program "Lil' Bush" on Comedy Central? In this program, President Bush, his administration and most conservatives are made fun of in rather crude ways. The program makes fun of Democrats also, but only as minor characters. It's more centered on President Bush. This program is much more offensive to President Bush that some sock puppet to the Obamamessiah, but you don't hear any liberals whining about it. Of course not, they are too busy laughing at it.

So, all you Obamamessiah worshippers out there: Is the Obama sock puppet racist? You tell me if you think Lil' Bush is offensive and Comedy Central should be boycotted. Until such time that liberals start treating conservatives and the president in the same way that they want us to treat the Obamamessiah, I don't have any reason to get all excited over a "so-called" racist sock puppet.

P.S. For all you liberals who are going to start saying "Oh yeah, well what if some made a sock puppet about Joseph Smith or some other famous member of the LDS Church, what would think then?", you can shove it. I'm a conservative and a member of the LDS Church. You don't think I'm constantly bombarded by jokes, cartoons, etc., which make fun of my religious faith? If you don't think so, do a quick Google Search and you'll find hundreds of websites which make fun of my religion. My religion is laughed and ridiculed at by "so-called" open-minded people who pride themselves on how "progressive" they are and how they feel for oppressed minorities. You would never hear them making fun of any other religion (especially Muslims), but Joseph Smith and Mormons, well if I had a nickel for everytime someone has asked me how many wives I had, I would have retired many, many years ago. So, don't lecture me on what ifs. Your arguements just prove my point, all liberals are hypocrites.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Drill #@&%^* everywhere

At times it seems that John McCain really doesn't want to be president. There are issues that he could go after Obama and the rest of the Democrats that would be major winners. Case in point: Energy policy and oil prices. With a barrel of oil going for $135 and gas over $4 per gallon, McCain could hammer the Democrats about how they are happy that gas is this high and they want it to go even higher. McCain could go into "Maverik Mode" and start pushing for more drilling. He could even frame it the same way that President Kennedy did with putting a man on the moon. "Before the end my second term, America will be energy independent. We will drill everywhere and anywhere that there is oil in the United States. We will develop other forms of energy like oil shale and coal-to-oil technologies. We will do all this so that the United States will no longer be held hostage to hostile foreign governments like Venezuela and Iran or so-called friendly foreign governments like Saudi Arabia and Russia, and when we are energy independent, we will laugh as their economies fail and the citizens revolt."

Anyway, this would be a winner for McCain. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like he wants to win.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Second Coming of Jimmah Car-tah

The last time that America elected a president who didn't have a clue about foreign policy or how the economy worked, we got 4 years of a peanut farmer from Plains, Georgia named Jimmah Car-tah. For those of your too young to remember what his presidency was like, lets just say the following : double-digit inflation, the Iran hostage crisis, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the 1980 Olympic boycott, gas shortages, the "moral equivalent of war" against Big Oil and Vice President "Malaise". In short, the worse presidency in modern history which is no wonder that Americans turned out en masse to elect his successsor (Ronaldus Maximus).

Since Obama has shown that he also doesn't have a clue, it is safe to say that 4 years of Obama will be like the second term of Jimmah Car-tah. Well, it looks like John McCain has taken this idea to heart and (hopefully) will run with it to counter the Democratic talking point of him being Bush's third term. Linking Obama with Carter will remind everyone what happens when you elect a neophyte who doesn't have a clue. I shudder to think of another failed Carter-esque presidency.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Californication of the United States

The California Supreme Court has declined to halt the implementation of gay marriage in California, although many religious, conservative groups and nine attorney generals (including Utah) from other states had tried to point out the problems that this would create for other states. But, like all liberals who think only of themselves the rest of the world be damned, since they were the court that originally ruled it against the California constitution to deny marriage to gays, it was pretty well certain that they wouldn't contradict themselves.

So, starting 16 June, gays from other states will be going to court to force their home state to recognize their "illegal" marriages. Thank you California! Everyone bend over and be californicated!

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Maybe Gates will make them report to the US Army

Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, has fired/forced to retire the Secretary of the Air Force, Michael Wynne and Air Force Chief of Staff General Michael Moseley. According to the article, it was over the shipping to Taiwan of four electrical fuses for ballistic missles and the accidental arming of a B-52 with nuke missiles and flying it across the country without anyone noticing last August.

I am impressed that Secretary Gates decided to make their heads roll, but I also think it was due to the Air Force's not being a "team player". If the Secretary of Defense gives the Army, the Navy or the Marine Corps an order, they will stand up, salute and say "Yes sir, yes sir. Two bags full sir!". However, he gives the same order to the Air Force, and all he gets are excuses. Case in point: recently, he criticised Air Force leadership about dragging feet over putting more Predator UAVs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead of getting with the program, the Air Force sits around and makes excuses.

How do we fix the problem? Rename the Air Force the Army Air Corps and make them report to the US Army. That will go a long way to make the Air Farce more of a team player.


A liberal example of being "unbiased"

Here is a good example of what it means to be "unbiased" in liberal land. The Democratically-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee has issued a report finding that President Bush deliberately misrepresented Iraq intel before the Iraq war. Of course they did. This is what passes as "unbiased" in the Democratically-controlled Senate. I would like to hear from the Democratically-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee how President Clinton precipitated the attacks of 9/11 on the United States because he was busy molesting the hired help instead of taking the threat seriously. Yeah, and, in the famous words of Mike Myers of Wayne's World, maybe monkey's will fly out of my butt!


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Have you bought your carbon indulgences yet?

Recently, I went to the Delta airlines website to get airline ticket information for a company-paid trip. Usually, after you have selected the flights that you want to take, the website will ask you if you want to also reserve a hotel or rental car. This time, I noticed something new. There was a big green button asking me if I wanted to purchase carbon offsets for my trip. For only $5.50, I could pay Delta to plant some trees which would offset the carbon emissions that my trip would have incurred. I wonder if my company would pick up the bill for that.

So now, when you fly, make sure that you have bought your carbon indulgences. Maybe if the airline gave me better service and more leg room, I would think about it. But since they don't, they can pound sand.


Change versus competence

The Democratic primary is over and the Obamamessiah has decalred himself the winner and the evil that is Hillary Clinton has been vanquished (finally!). Hallelujah!

Just recently, I ran into a post over at the Corner about how an Obama support said that this election wasn't about competence, it was about change. That got me thinking about something that McCain could do to counter Obama's message of "change". Everytime Obama gives a speech, the word "CHANGE" is found everywhere. McCain should do the same thing, but instead of "CHANGE", he should have "COMPETENCE". At least that way, everyone in the US will know that you can either vote for change and get a Jimmy "I felate terrorists" Cah-tah presidency or you can vote for competence and get something much better.

I don't know about anyone else, but I would rather have someone who was competent as president and not someone who promised chnage for change's sake.

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