Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama resigns his membership in the Trinity United Church of Christ.....

....and it's the eeevvvviiiilll neo-cons fault! I am currently listening to him on FOX blame everyone except himself for this turn of events. If he ever gets elected president, get ready for a president who will never take responsibility for his mistakes and blame everyone else, but then, that's the liberal way.

Update: Just before the end of his news conference, he said that his religious beliefs and his church had been under more scrutiny than any other president candidate. Obviously, he has forgotten all the scrutiny that Mitt Romney's religious beliefs got during the Repubican primary. I guess Obama is starting to actually believe that he is the new Democratic messiah that will lead the US to the promised land.

It is obvious to anyone that doesn't have liberal blinders on that Obama is even more of a narcissist than Bill Clinton, which is something that I would have never believed possible.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amateur Hour in Texas

The shoes are starting to drop in Texas. A judge has ruled that the state of Texas had no right to seize the children when they raided the FLDS compound. When Texas moved in and seized the children, I remember the state of Utah being criticized for not doing the same. With this slap against Texas CPS, it shows who the experts (Utah) really are and who the amateurs (Texas) are when dealing with polygamists.

I do not condone what the FLDS church has been doing, but the way that their civil rights have been trampled on is appalling. What really gets me mad is the state of Texas is trampling the civil rights of the FLDS church by preventing them from worshipping their god in the way that they see fit and yet, we are running a Club Med for terrorists in Guantanamo, Cuba. Children are having their copies of the Book of Mormon (yes, they also believe in the Book of Mormon) removed and censored by the Texas CPS but the guards at Gitmo are forced to handle terrorist's copies of the Koran only when wearing white gloves. The terrorists in Gitmo are treated better than US citizens who are members of the FLDS church.

Unfortunately for the state of Texas, the fallout is not over yet, not by a long shot. I believe in the long run, after all is said and done, no FLDS children will be found abused, no underage FLDS brides will be found, the call that precipitated the raid will be found to be fake and the FLDS church will come away much, much richer thanks to some idiot in the Texas CPS. Can you say multi-billion dollar lawsuit? If I was a Texas personal-injury lawyer, I would be salivating at the prospect of lawsuit nirvana. If I was a Texan, I would be screaming for the heads of the idiots in the Texas CPS who authorized this "goat-rope".


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Why Obama = Osama

While reading some of the comments of my post "I guess the truth hurts, right Obama?", two commenters were rather "peeved" about my equating Obama with Osama. For those two commenters and anyone else who might think this is just a cheap, sophomoric attempt at humor [Editor Note: What, it isn't] , here is an explanation of why Obama = Osama.

Obama attended the Trinity United Church of Christ, a predominately black church for the last 20+ years and contributed money to the aforementioned church. The paster of that church, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, used the pulpit of this church to spew racist propaganda and hatred for the United States. If we compared the words of the Reverend Wright with those of Osama bin Laden, there would not be that big of a difference. Both hate the United States. Both hate Israel and the Jews. In fact, I would not be surprised if the Reverend Wright and Osama bin Laden read and use each other's material in their speeches. Because of this, Obama really does equal Osama.

I find it interesting that Obama supporters see no problem with Reverend Wright's words. They want us to try to understand why this is normal for an African-American to feel this way about the US and other races. Imagine if the Reverend Wright was white and preached at a predominately white church called the Church of Jesus Christ -Christian, a church affilated with the Aryan-Nation movement. Now imagine if one of the candidates for the presidency of the United States attend this church for 20+ years and contributed money to it. How fast do you think it would take for Obama, the NAACP and the rest of the Reverend Wright apoligists to denounce the church and the presidential candidate? Less than a femto-second, I would imagine.

It can be easily seen that those would what to give a pass to Obama and the Reverend Wright, would fall all over themselves to denounce any white candidate for president if he was in the same situation. This is called being a liberal, but is is also known as hypocrisy, which is a normal way of life for liberals.

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A nice name for Obama's foreign policy

The Great El-ahrairah wishes that he had thought of this name for Obama's foreign policy, but a columnist for the NewYork Post, Charles Hurt, beat me to it (hat tip to the The Corner at NRO). We have had the Monroe Doctrine and the Bush Doctrine, now behold the Obama Doctrine, "Hugs for Thugs".

Yes, Healer-in-Chief, Mr. Obama will invite all his friends from Iran, Syria, Norht Korea and Hamas over to his big, white house, put on his favorite sweater and talk about that evil BusHitler and his big bully Israel. I'm sure that after visiting Mr. Obama's Neighborhood, they will all go home much happier.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Going thru the telemetry

I ran across this article about how scientists think they have found the reason why the Pioneer spacecraft are off course. Other than interesting from the normal, rocket scientist standpoint, it's interesting to me how they are using the telemetry coming back from the probes all these years to solve the problem. My job sometimes requires me to troubleshoot problems by looking at sets of telemetry data from different time periods. The challenge is to determine what telemetry data is important so that five months later, you have enough to solve a problem. I hate it when I have to look for a problem that is somewhat intermittent and I don't really have any data to use for troubleshooting. I remember one time that..... [Editor Note: To spare our non-technical readers, the Great El-ahrairah was stopped before he was about to go off into techie-dweeb never-neverland and talk about his experiences in computer nirvana.]

Anyway, I guess you have to be a techie-dweeb to really appreciate this article. Now, where is my pocket protector?


Yet another update to an update of an election post

Way back before Super-Duper Tuesday in February, I post this on who I would be voting for. I wanted to comment on that before now, but I was busy, bored and/or basically lazy.

Anyway, after the dust settled on Super-Duper Tuesday, McCain pretty well cleaned everyone's clock, so after a few more primaries, Mitt Romney saw the writing on the wall and got out of the presidential race. I was hoping that he would do better, but it wasn't to be. After Romney got out, McCain was the winner by default, so now the question mark is who will be his vice presidential candidate. Over on the Democratic side, Obama and Hillary are fighting it out. It's looking like Obama will be the nominee, but Hillary is still in the race at this point.

Since there are three candidates still running for president, here is my analysis on who the Great El-ahrairah will be voting for.

Obama: I am ashamed to say that I actually considered voting for Obama when it looked like Mitt would loose the nomination for the Republicans. After I came to my senses and evaluated my decision, I came to the conclusion that I had to be on crack to vote for a looser like Obama. He is just another Socialist in Democratic clothing, his wife is a whining quota-queen and they are both black racists since they associate with other know black racists like Reverend Wright. If he was elected, expect another Jimmy Car-tah presidency with a healthy dash of reverse discrimination against whites thrown-in. Race relations in America will take a major step backwards.

Hillary: The more I see the Democratic cat-fight unfold, the more respect I have for Hillary. That isn't saying much, but at least, compared to Obama the Racist, she is much more experienced and down to earth. Of the two, Hillary is the better candidate. Unfortunately, I don't think she will be the nominee after the Democratic convention. Too bad. If the Republicans are destined to loose to a Democrat, I would rather it be Hillary than Racist Obama.

McCain: Although I admire McCain on his unwavering support for the military and the war against terrorism, there are things about him that make me cringe like his stance on illegal immigration and global warming. Mitt Romney got out of the race because he didn't want his continued candidacy to weaken the Republican nominee and become an advantage to the Democrats, thereby causing a Democrat to be elected president knowing that they would surrender to the terrorists and runaway from Iraq. I feel the same way, but I still have problems with McCain.

So there you have it. Three bad choices for president. For Republicans, it's the lesser of three evils, so I'll hold my nose and vote for McCain because I know he will continue to pursue and kill terrorists, but I'm not happy with what else I have to accept with a McCain presidency. I hope he picks a real conservative for his running mate (maybe Mitt) to balance out the wacky liberal ideas that he has.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

A liberal democracy is when.......

......four judges decide what 61% of Californians really want.

As a service for those Americans too ingrossed in the lives of Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears, The California Supreme Court struck down the California law that stated that marriage was only between a man and a woman. They used the state law which overturned a ban on interracial marriages as the basis for overturning the law. I don't see why that law should apply, but then I'm not a lawyer and/or judge who has much more experience ignoring common sense.

Hopefully, California can get this all sorted out before the problem causes issues for other states. We should change our bumper stickers from "Don't Californicate Utah" to "Don't Californicate the US of A".

I remember back in the 60's when everyone was scared of an earthquake causing California to fall into the ocean. Since the state was full of hippies and other weirdos, it wouldn't have been a big loss. Given what goes on there today, I still feel the same way.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Like stirring up an ant's nest

From my previous post about Obama/Osama's whining about President Bush's remarks on appeasement of terrorists, now all the Defeaot-crats are complaining, which goes to show that the president hit a raw nerve. The Defeato-crats will slander the US military, try to withhold funding from the military in Iraq, criticize Israel for defending themselves from terrorists, meet or propose to meet with state sponsors of terrorism like Syria and Iran and even drop to their knees and fellate Hamas, but when someone points out the obvious, that they are essentially appeasing terrorists, they scream like stuck pigs. As the saying goes, "Thou protesteth too much".

Remember boy and girls, appeasement = democrats.

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I guess the truth hurts, right Obama?

Preisdent Bush was in Israel this week and while speaking to the Israeli Knesset, called negociating with terrorists the "false comfort of appeasement". Within 1 femto-second, Senator Osama, oops, Obama said that President Bush was falsely accusing him of appeasement. Unfortunately, President Bush wasn't talking about anyone in particular, but let's look at the facts. Obama has said that if elected president, he would negociate with Iran and other terrorist organizations, so correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see any difference between what President Bush said and what he is all worked up about. Negociating with terrorists is appeasement, plain and simple. Just ask your friend, Kofi the Appeaser.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Like the saying goes, you can't make up stuff like this

From the "Truth or Satire" Department, not content to stay in their Alpen homeland surrounded by the countless billions of dollars of the world's ill gotten gains, Switzerland has decided that not only do humans and animals have rights, but plants also. So, I guess when I was younger and didn't like to eat asperagus, broccoli, peas, cauliflower, etc, it wasn't because I didn't like the taste, it was because I was afraid to destroy the plants's "dignity" and I didn't want to violate their "plant rights". Like I said, you can't make this stuff up.