Thursday, June 28, 2007

Well, that was quick.

Way back in January, I blogged about the kerfuffle on the Grey's Anatomy set. Cliff Notes version: One of the cast members (an African-American) insulted another cast member (a homosexual-American) by using an anti-gay epithet and was forced to go to "re-education camp". At the time I mused about when the African-American actor would start screaming racism since he's the only African-American on the cast and everyone else are white.

Fast forward to today, and we find out a that he has been fired from the cast of Grey's Anatomy, but instead of going away quietly, he has charged that his firing was the result of *GASP!* racism. You go guy!

He charges that he was let go because he didn't act like a "submissive" black at work:

"Well, it didn't help me on the set that I was a black man who wasn't a mush-mouth Negro walking around with his head in his hands all the time. I didn't speak like I'd just left the plantation and that can be a problem for people sometime," he said.
"I had a person in human resources tell me after this thing played out that `some people' were afraid of me around the studio. I asked her why, because I'm a 6-foot-1, black man with dark skin and who doesn't go around saying `Yessah, massa sir' and `No sir, massa' to everyone?

Yeah! Nothing like Hollywood liberals being called racist! I can hardly wait for the blood-letting of watching Hollywood liberals decide who is the more aggrieved minority, gays or blacks. Where's my popcorn?

Monday, June 25, 2007

At least the German MOD has some taste

Kudos to the German Ministry of Defense for this slap in the face of Tom Cruise. Mr. Cruise has been cast in a film about Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, the man who tried unsuccessfully to kill Adolph Hitler with a briefcase bomb in 1944. The German MOD has refused to allow the film makers to film on German military sites "..if Count Stauffenberg is played by Tom Cruise, who has publicly professed to being a member of the Scientology cult. In general, the Bundeswehr (German military) has a special interest in the serious and authentic portrayal of the events of July 20, 1944 and Stauffenberg's person..". Given Tom Cruises' body of film work, a "serious and authentic portrayal of events" is far from what one would describe his movies. The German government also considers the Church of Scientology (of which Tom Cruise is a member) as an organization which "masquerades as a religion to make money". Ouch!

Until this story broke, I did not know that Tom Cruise was involved in a film about Claus von Stauffenberg, but you can be guaranteed that the film will cheapen the story and take many "Hollywood shortcuts" in order to make the film another "Tom Cruise Summer Blockbuster Wannabee". Star Wars would probably contain more truth about Hitler than this film. Hopefully, Tom Cruise will leave the film and an actor more "serious" (maybe even, dare I suggest, a German) will found who will treat the subject with the respect it deserves.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another terrorist appeaser opens his pie hole

Ex-president Jiimmah Cartah, well-known boot-licker of terrorists, has decided to open his pie hole and prove yet again that he should keep it shut. As usual for one of the leaders of the "Blame America" crowd, he blames the US for, wait for it, the recent victory in Gaza by Hamas and their split with Fatah. Of course he blames the US. He has to find some reason to excuse Hamas for their ineptitude when it comes to running a country, and besides, he never met a murderous terrorist who he didn't want to have illicit sexual relations with.

As has been said many times, "It is always better to keep your month shut and let people think you are an idiot than to open it and and remove all doubt." Unfortunately, for the Nobel Booby Prise Weiner, that point in time has long past and he is just making it more apparent to everyone (except for the true-believer, far-left wackos who think that the earth had achieved nirvana during his administration and continue to lick his boots) that not only is he a terrorist supporter, but he is also mentally unstable. As was so sustinctly said earlier this year by the Bush White House, ex-president Cartah has become more and more irrevelant to national politics and he should keep his pie-hole shut.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I have found my new desktop background

I saw this over at Blackfive and seeing how I'm such a big fan of Prime Minister, er, Senate Majority Leader Brother "Dirty Harry" Reid, I thought I would this photo that I "requisitioned" from Blackfive. It is now my desktop background so that I be reminded everyday what the word "incompetence" actually means.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lights Out in London?

I'm finally back from my guvmint-imposed hiatus (no time to blog). I don't know how long this will last due to my constant criss-crossing the world supporting the Global War on Terror (or GWOT). Anyway, I just ran into this at Planet Gore at National Review Online's Corner. Apparently, some radio station is trying to enlist Londoners to turn off all lights and other non-essential electrical applicances between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM on the 21st of June. That's all well and good, except the 21st of June is the longest day of the year and the sun goes down in London around 9:20 PM. Wow! What a sacrifice! Next they'll ask all Londoners to turn off their lights between 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM the next day to combat global warming.

The name of their campaign, Lights Out in London, sounded kind of familiar, so using Al Gore's invention, I looked it up. Sure enough, I was right. Lights Out in London is the name of a song by the 80's heavy metal group, UFO. I'm sure the Cap'n remembers them since we saw them in concert as the warm up group for another 80's heavy metal band (I don't remember which one), but I used to have a t-shirt from their concert that I wore long and proud during my annaul summer vacation trip to Europe.

Yet again, using Al Gore's invention, I poked around a bit and found a video for Lights Out in London on YouTube and it couldn't be more apropos. Someone made a video of the Power Rangers fighting Goldar and Scorpina (no, I'm not a Power Rangers nerd. It was part of the video description) to the music of Lights Out in London. Our intrepid hero, Ken Livingson, mayor of London as the Power Rangers, takes on the forces of global warming, Goldar and Scorpina. Will he vanquish them or will the forces of global warming succeed in blotting out the sun and draining the Livinator of his power? We can only keep our fingers crossed.

Ed note: After poking around yet some more on Al Gore's invention, the unamed heavy metal group that I saw with UFO was Blue Oyster Cult. Oh yeah! Give me that old time heavy metal!