Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yet more signs of the liberal apocalypse

While perusing Utah's version of Pravda, The Salt Lake Tribune, I stumbled across this commentary. The gist of the writer's commentary was that since Saint Hillary is no longer in the race, the candidate with the most experience with women's issues was, drumroll please, Senator Joe Biden. Yes, that is correct. In the fairy-tale world of liberal politics, Joe Biden, a liberal male who is the democratic senator from Delaware has more experience with women's issues and has fought for women's rights more than a mother of five children who is also the conservative governor of Alaska, Governor Sarah Palin. Well, I would expect that from the party that said the first black president was Bill Clinton.

Since I'm not a regular reader of the Salt Lake Tribune (otherwise called the local "dishrag"), I wasn't sure at first if this was satire or what, but after reading a bit more, I knew that the writer was serious and she obviously thought that her arguments were valid and should be treated seriously. However, nobody else does since at the time, 423 other readers had taken the time to rate the article with a simple thumbs up for worthwhile or thumbs down for a joke. The score was -167 which means that 295 people thought she was full of fecal material opposed to 128 people who thought the KoolAid she was serving was delicious.

OK, boys and girls, remember this. In a liberal world, liberal men know more about being a woman than conservative women and if you believe that, then I've got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

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