Saturday, May 16, 2009

Keep your friends close......

..... and your enemies closer. In the same way that The Chosen One chose his primary Democratic rival for the presidency, Hilary Clinton, to be his Secretary of State, he has decided to remove yet another obstacle from his re-election bid in 2012 by naming Utah governor John Huntsman to be the new ambassador to China. However, unlike other political appointments, Gov. Huntsman is very qualified to be the ambassador, having served in Taiwan as a LDS missionary and speaking the language, having already served as the ambassador to Singapore and also having performed trade missions in China. Still, after hearing rumors of how much The Chosen One feared running against a "moderate" as Gov. Huntsman for president in 2012, it seems rather "convienent" that he would more or less remove Gov. Huntsman from the playing field in 2012. Can we expect that he will tap Gov. Romney to clean up the auto industry in the near future?

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Monday, May 11, 2009

How to suck up to a president

Although the election is over, the MSM are still falling over themselves to see who can brown-nose The Chosen One the best. Our latest example is this puff-piece masquerating as serious journalism.

As the article goes on to say, now that the evil BusHitler has been banished to Texas, we should all be singing "Hallelujah" that The Chosen One is here to bless us with this wisdom, since he has soooooo much experience as a constitutional scholar. If that is the case, why will he pick someone who believes that they have a good=given right to become a legislator-for-life? I guess the "constitutional scholar" in him is like everything else about The Chosen One, unknown and inexperienced.

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