Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama resigns his membership in the Trinity United Church of Christ.....

....and it's the eeevvvviiiilll neo-cons fault! I am currently listening to him on FOX blame everyone except himself for this turn of events. If he ever gets elected president, get ready for a president who will never take responsibility for his mistakes and blame everyone else, but then, that's the liberal way.

Update: Just before the end of his news conference, he said that his religious beliefs and his church had been under more scrutiny than any other president candidate. Obviously, he has forgotten all the scrutiny that Mitt Romney's religious beliefs got during the Repubican primary. I guess Obama is starting to actually believe that he is the new Democratic messiah that will lead the US to the promised land.

It is obvious to anyone that doesn't have liberal blinders on that Obama is even more of a narcissist than Bill Clinton, which is something that I would have never believed possible.

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