Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Speaking of deluded liberal fantasies, this one from Britain is hilarious. It seems that one pointy-head professor has done a study that shows, mind you, the US is the most backward and crime-ridden of all developed countries because it is so religious.

If this wasn't such obvious guffaw material I'd say it reminds me of the good old days of pedantic Soviet or Castroite "research" that showed the Proletariat were much happier without consumer goods or "excess" money. The esteemed professor, Gregory Paul, claims that US rates for murder (rates that have been declining steadily for the past decade, btw) are caused by the widespread acceptance of the Bible in the US.

And this from a man whose home country has an overall violent crime rate two to three times higher than America's.

He also associates suicides with religious fervor but conveniently ignores the fact that the US suicide rate is lower than Japan's or much of secular Europe's.

But the more significant fact he ignores is the demographic and cultural suicide that sensible and rational Darwinist Europe is currently engaged in. As Mark Steyn is fond of pointing out, in less than a generation the population of Europe will be lower than it is today, and their vaunted social welfare system that Professor Paul believes forms the basis for their moral superiority to America will collapse due to a lack of children.

Not only their welfare state but their culture will die too unless Europeans start heeding the Biblical admonition to "multiply and replenish the earth". Right now the children they didn't have are being replaced by those of religious Muslims who neither share their enlightened secular views nor value their secular society.

The greatest irony is that those who profess the strongest belief in Darwinism usually fail to heed it's central message: Species that successfully reproduce live on, species that don't, die off. Professor Paul and the Europeans can be likened to a species of animal that has spent so much evolutionary energy developing its gorgeous appearance that it has abandoned reproduction.

Such animals tend to go extinct, very quickly.


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