Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Finding Racism where none exists

While searching the archives of Pravda for evidence of negative reporting about Rocky I came across this item. It seems radio host and self-promoting rabbi Shmuley Boteach has accused Utah's KUTR 820 AM of cancelling his show because of racism.

Oh, please. I've listened (briefly) to Rabbi Shmuley's show before, and I can attest that it's painful. As in Dr.-Laura-Schlessinger's-failed-TV-show painful (I love her radio show, though). The cancellation may have more to do with his grating style than with any animus towards black evacuees from New Orleans. After all, KUTR is Utah's "Radio for Women" and is geared more towards fluffy programming for ditzy upper-middle-class housewives (my favorite liberal female columnist, Holly Mullen, hosts a regular show for them).

However, regarding the accusation of racism made by some evacuees because their camp has a curfew, that's just par for the course. I would dare say virtually all evacuee camps throughout the US have imposed a curfew, some for very good reasons.


At 2:38 AM, Blogger Rosemary said...

Hey! I grew up in a place where there was a curfew all over the city. Do you think I could sue? What a ridiculous claim! What is going on with this world.

Most people today, unless they're over 40, have never really encountered racism. Not the way it used to be.

At least that is what I thought. I found out that there was a bridge or a way out of NO, but the white officers would not let the black people through. I wish I could find out if that's a true story. If it is, I am going to boycott NO and LA. Yeah right. Like every get there! Well, in mind I will. lol.


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