Thursday, September 15, 2005

I know who they're fighting for

Meryl Yourish asks some obvious questions in the wake of yesterday's suicide bombings. Most reasonable persons would know the answer right away, but some are more dense, willfully so. The Western Left and the UN have spent decades ignoring the unpleasant realities of Palestinian terrorism; it's just as easy to ignore Al-Qaeda terrorism, especially if it can be used to discredit George Bush.

For the Media and the Left, this was Manna from Heaven. With Katrina winding down, they can now go back to their "All Quagmire, All the Time" coverage. In fact, I'd daresay Al-Qaeda planned this operation with the goal of taking back the TV cameras from disaster coverage. They watch Al-Jazeera too, ya know.


At 2:27 AM, Blogger Rosemary said...

I know they watch tv too. Ain't that a b-itch? You would think SOMEONE in America could get through to the Left that SHUTTING UP during a war is not cencorship. It is called SURVIVAL. Damn idiots.

Sorry. I've had it up to tip of my highest hair with the Left. I try to make myself laugh, so I don't get sick!

However, they just keep coming and coming and that's just the Left! Good grief!

LOL. Have a great day. (That was just blowing off some steam. Thanks. Now I'm happy again. lol)


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