Saturday, September 09, 2006

This is a pleasant surprise

The Utah State Supreme Court has told the University of Utah that if it is part of state government, it has to follow state law (h/t Insty).

I was originally quite skeptical that the court would do the right thing. After all, two of the five members of the court are U of U alumni, and the court has not been an enthusiastically pro-gun. I was expecting a decision full of tortured logic on how the U was somehow different than other state agencies. And as I would have guessed, Chief Justice Christine Durham completely ignored the law.

U of U President Michael Young said they will appeal the issue to federal court. Of course he would; the idea that those drooling hicks in the valley actually are in charge is anathema to the Mandarins on University Hill. Perhaps this winter the Utah Legislature should look at the issue and start taking steps to bring the scofflaws in line, though given the past history, that's not likely.

Sorry President Young, the U isn't a private school: If you want our money, you accept our laws.


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