Thursday, August 31, 2006

Moonbat Photoblogging, continued.

Note: I had to split my previous post because Blogger was being fussy about uploading pics -- CH.

Lessee, where was I? Oh, yes, the Moonbats and their silly signs.

Note to Democrats: If you ever wish to read the words "House Speaker" and "Nancy Pelosi" together, you need to wake up before the 2006 election.

There was the standard "Republicans=Nazis" tripe. This young genius obviously doesn't realize that in the real Nazi Germany he would have been shaved, beaten to a pulp, and thrown into jail by the Gestapo before he even got here.

Even older Moonbats make this mistake.

There was also the standard amount of disrespect for the US flag; indeed, I was hard-pressed to find one that was properly displayed.

In fact, the Palestinian and Cuban flags were treated with more respect.

Ah, the Protest Warriors. They were set up right in the middle of the event - with big Israeli flags - and it was obviously bothering many members of the crowd.

Next to the Protest Warriors was this highly-decorated retired Air Force veteran who gave the Lefties a substantial piece of his mind.

And of course, no anti-war protest would be complete without the giant papier-mache puppets of Bush, Cheney, et al. This is the same one that was at the protest last year...

...but this year they did at least make some heads of the vice-president, and secretaries of State and Defense.


At 1:23 PM, Blogger The Sanity Inspector said...

Nice job, thanks!

As for the Dems and their tired "Nazi" name-calling, remember that the only thing they learned from 9/11 was a new bit of invective: "The Taliban wing of the Republican party...."


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