Thursday, August 17, 2006

St. Cindy protesting President Bush in Utah and I won't be there. Rats!

With nothing else better to do before the long Labor Day weekend, St. Cindy will join Salt Lake Mayor Rock-Head Anderson and other assorted moonbats and anit-war activists to protest President Bush's visit to Salt Lake City to address the American Legion convention at the end of August. Unfortunately, I won't be there to photoblog this momentous occasion in the annals of liberal stupidity. Hopefully the Cap'n can take some photos like he did last year and post them for all to see. Maybe he'll even get a chance to be lucky enough to get close enough to St. Cindy (Our Lady of Liquid Fasting and Perpetual Protesting) to take of photo of her and himself protesting the eeeevvvviiiiilllll that is President George Bush. Or maybe he could sneak one of her and Rock-Head Anderson blowing each other protest kisses at the Federal Building. Well, whatever he could do would be great since the moonbats decided that they could only protest in Utah when the Great El-ahrairah isn't around. Something to do with not wanting to arouse my righteous indignation. FEAR ME, MOONBATS OR ELSE!!!!


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