Wednesday, August 09, 2006


For those wondering where I've been, I have a good excuse: My computer's hard drive is gone. I writing this on a laptop.

The trouble started last week when my computer started acting funny. I had just installed a new game for my son, and the computer began to run very slowly. I thought it was the software, and my suspicions seemed to be confirmed when the program wouldn't let any other game program run, and it wouldn't let me uninstall it, either.

When I tried to hike blog about my recent hike up Mount Olympus in Utah, I couldn't enter anything on blogger. Unfortunately, if the hard drive is gone, so is my record of Mount Olympus, too.

I'm not sure when I'll be back. I have to find out how much a new drive costs and if that is even the problem. But since the computer refuses to boot up now and gives me a "disc error" message every time I try, I'm pretty sure that's what it is.


At 8:32 AM, Blogger BobG said...

Try reseating the hdd cable first; you'd be surprised how many times that fixes it. Hdd's are fairly cheap these days if that doesn't work.


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