Friday, July 14, 2006

The Tour de Americans???

Yet again, the United States has shown that it is a force to be reckoned with in the Tour de France as American Floyd Landis has moved into first place in this year's tour. What makes this all the more surprising is that he is riding on a bad hip, a legacy of a training accident a few years back. So, I guess that American riders have to either be recovering from gunshot wounds (Gerg Lemond), cancer survivors (Lance Armstrong) or hip-replacement candidates (Floyd Landis) in order to race in the Tour de France just to make it fair for the other countries riders. If not, the Tour de France would probably be called the "United States Cycling Invitational, French Edition".

One other American with ties to the Great State of Utah, Levi Leipheimer, also did very well during yesterday's stage, but he is over 5 minutes back from the leader. Salt Lake's own David Zabrieskie had a bad day, and is way back in the standings. Discovery's George Hincapie also didn't do too well, and the team trainer for Discovery has already conceeded defeat. Oh well, at least we aren't the French. The last Frenchman to win the Tour was 1986, so hopefully, we can keep this streak going.


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