Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Forza Italia!!!

Wow!!! All I can say is that the Italians are fast becoming the "cardiac kids" of this World Cup. They beat Australia in the final seconds (certooooooo, on a disputed penalty shot) and then thumped the Germans in the dying seconds with not just one but two goals. Wow!!!

The Italian media were making a big deal out of the German papers printing "Arrivaderci Pizza" on their front pages. Now it will be the Italian papers printing "Auf wiedersehen Kartoffel". It seems to me that the teams that think they are "destined" to World Cup glory this year (Brazil, Germany, the US) all seem to crash and burn while other teams (Italy, France) just seem to peak at the right time. All I need know if France to win and I'll be in a real predicament: Who to cheer for? I like both teams and would like both teams to win. I guess I'll decide by a coin toss. Heads: Italy. Tails: France.


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