Sunday, June 25, 2006

Yet another example of poor refereeing

I watched the first half (more or less) of the Portugal-Netherlands World Cup game last night (Portugal won, 1-0). I thought that only the US was getting the shaft with bad referees, but I guess we aren't the only ones. You can add the Netherlands to that list also.

There were multiple instances during this match where the ref should have awarded a penalty kick to the Dutch for all the times that a Dutch player was taken down in the box. The worst that I saw during the first half was a Dutch player in the air trying to head the ball in the net and a Portugese defender jumping into him, cleats first, to try to knock the ball away. Not only was that interference but also a very dangerous play, but Mr. "There's no foul here, move along" decided otherwise. Since the ref ended up dishing out four red cards (granted one was for a blantant handball), he obviously lost control of the match and should never had been there in the first place.

From what I have heard, FIFA wanted to get a good cross-section of referees from around the world, so instead of getting the best referees on the planet , it seems that this World Cup will go down in the books as the worse refereed World Cup in the history of the game. That and FIFA also wants a Brazil-Germany final to boost TV ratings.


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