Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wow! The 3rd District is important to other people, also

The Cap'n has been dutifully updating the readers of the Warren (me) about the 3rd District race here and here. It also seems that other people are taking interest in this race also by evidenced by this post from the Captain's Quarters (no, not our Cap'n's hind legs). I wanted to post a comment, but since I'm basically a lazy rabbit, I decided to post my comments here (actually, maybe I will post a comment over there also). Anyway, my comment is that the comments that Jacobs gave is just his way of playing to his audience. Since the majority of the voters in the 3rd District are members of the LDS Church, what better way to invoke your faith without actually invoking your faith. Is it pandering? No, people just talk that way down there (I should know, I lived in Provo for a number of years and my sainted mother grew up in "Happy Valley". The Cap'n (as in Holly) may think otherwise, but I don't see anything amiss in his comments.


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