Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Predictions for tomorrow's Worodl Cup game

While many of the other World Cup groups were pretty well decided by the second game, the US group, Group E, has lived up to it's billing as the "group of death". Going into the third game, all four teams have a legitimate shot at going thru to the second round. If the US wants to go thru, we will probably need some help from Italy. If the Italians win and the US wins, the US and Italy go thru. If the Italians win and Ghana wins, Ghana and Italy go thru. However, if the Italians tie and Ghana wins, Ghana goes thru as the winner of the group and Italy goes thru as second place to face Brazil. If the Czech Republic wins, they go thru as the first-place team and depending on what the US and Ghana do, Italy could be the second-place team or be out for the tournament. Whatever happens, in order for the US to be assured of going thru to the second round, they have to win and win by lots of goals to cancel out any goal differential problems.

So, after having examined the facts (just like CSI), I will predict that Italy will win by 2-1 over the Czech Republic and that the US will win by the score of 2-0.


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