Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm finally back

I've finally repaired the problem with my hard drive, and BobG's helpful advice notwithstanding it was indeed a dead hard drive. So I got myself a new 160 gb drive and with some help from a co-worker I'm up and running now.

And have no fear, El-ahrairah, I will make it to the Second Annual Salt Lake City Moonbat Convention. As I was able to squeeze the last one into my lunch break, there's no way I'd miss this one. Not with the opportunity to see Saint Cindy, Our Lady of Perpetual Moonbattery. So expect to see some great pictures showing calm, sophisticated and nuanced arguments against US military involvement in Iraq.

Ah, who am I kidding? It'll be a wild-eyed orgy of rhetorical excess, with outlandish and factually-suspect political statements supported by an army of strawmen. Great entertainment for everyone except Leftists, who will fume over the fact that no one takes them seriously anymore.


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