Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Yet another example of screaming liberal media bias

The Great El-ahrairah found yet another example in a long line of screaming liberal media bias in this Yahoo! article about how a black family "warily" adjusts to Utah. You don't even have to read the article to get the gist of what the writer wants you to believe, which is UTAH IS FULL OF RACISTS SO DON'T COME TO UTAH!!!

Why would this be news? For the subtle reason that liberals fear Mitt Romney. Although he is the guv-nah of Massachusetts, he is also a Mormon, so since black families that were evacuated to to Utah after Hurricane Katrina are "warily" adjusting to life in a state where less than 1% of the population is black, this must only mean that Utah is chock-full of card-carrying, KKK racists (just like the Democratic Senator from West Virginia, Senator Robert "Grand Kleagel" Byrd). Since the majority of the population of Utah is Mormon, putting two and two together means that Mormons are card-carrying, KKK racists and therefore, Mitt Romney is a racist. And since using liberal logic, we have proved that Mitt Romney is a racists, DON'T VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY!!!

See, just by reading the headline on the story, the readers of the Warren can save themselves the time required to actually read the article. Aren't you all so thankfull to the MSM for telling you how you should think?


At 11:31 AM, Blogger BobG said...

The thing that is interesting, is that they portray Utah as being almost all caucasian. In West Valley City, where I live, I see as many Hispanic, Polynesian, and Asian people as caucasians. In many areas caucasians are the minority.

At 4:36 PM, Blogger Brent said...

You probably saw the LA Times poll that found that 54%, 37%, 21%, 15% and 10% of adults would not vote for a Muslim, a Mormon, an evangelical Christian, a Jew and a Catholic, respectively. The poll did not ask how many would not vote for an avowed atheist.
As a non-Mormon, I like Mitt. I admire his work with the Olympics, and I'm amazed that he can get himself elected in deep blue Massachusetts.
As for those religious voters who might have some theological feud with the Mormons, they'll vote for Mitt and like it when they see their options.


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