Sunday, April 02, 2006

We must appease the Fire God!

Notwithstanding his squishiness lately about the War in Iraq, George Will hit one out of the park in his column today.

I refuse to take the Global Warming crowd seriously because for the past 40 years they have been so over-the-top in their rhetoric. Like a mob of Little Boys Crying Wolf, they have turned every environmental issue into a hysterial, life-or-death situation that requires everyone (but them of course) to give up all modern conveniences immediately in order to SAVE THE WORLD!

Global Warming is just their latest crusade, their most recent marketing ploy to convince the Proletariat that they're better off without nasty, dirty things like internal combustion engines and air conditioning. And of course, the MainStreamMedia are aiding their propaganda campaign by uncritically repeating their overheated claims. I doubt there's a single reporter who understands the science behind the issue; they simply publish the latest press release from the Sierra Club.

Anyone who is truly serious about curbing Global Warming has only two options: Return to the 1700's, or support nuclear power. Because unless there is a dramatic advance in technology, the only way we can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions is to convert our existing coal- and oil-fired power plants into nuclear ones.

Driving a Subaru instead of an Expedition won't do it, nor will any other of the feel-good solutions pushed by the Eco-Fundamentalists. The United States could shut down its entire economy tomorrow and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would still increase. Silly "Green" campaigns are roughly akin to terrified natives throwing virgins into active volcanoes: It might make you feel better, but in reality it changes nothing.


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