Sunday, July 10, 2005

Global Warming is alot of hot air

Let's see, what would motivate mayors of big, liberal cities to come to Sundance Resort in July, rub elbows with Robert Redford and Al Gore, and excoriate Americans in general and President Bush in particular?

Why, Global Warming, of course.

It's no surprise that wealthy, liberal elites would want to spend a few days in July at a posh mountain resort. The fact that they probably caused the emissions of more carbon dioxide in coming to and holding this conference than my family does in an entire year didn't matter, either. This is all about promoting their agenda.

It's probably quite frustrating to uber-liberal SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson and his guests that Al-Qaeda has such poor timing. This conference was no doubt timed to coincide with the G-8 Summit, the central agenda of which was the Kyoto Protocol and how Europe could get America to agree to commit economic suicide. Now with the London attacks, everyone has stopped talking about climate change and is instead talking about unimportant rubbish such as terrorism and security. Don't they know that we're all doomed, DOOMED, and it's all Ronald Reagan's, er, George Bush's fault?

Facts, of course, mean nothing to Mayor Anderson and his ilk. Global Warming is here, and unless the commuters of Davis County agree to dismantle their highway system and ride only mass transit when they come to visit Salt Lake our fate is sealed. The good Mayor hyperventilated that the world "stands at the brink of environmental catastrophe from global warming", a statement that is clearly ludicrous to everyone except environmentalists and their Yes-men, er, yes-persons, in the MainStreamMedia.

Mayor Anderson seems to be only vaguely aware of what is happening in his own state, as demonstrated by his silly comment that global warming could "spell the end of much of the ski industry". Had he said this last July (come to think of it, he probably did) it would have been just another example of poor predictions; since he said it this July, it's sheer idiocy (Please note the picture in the above link; it's one of people skiing at Snowbird just one week ago).

The fact is anthropogenic Global Warming is not a proven fact at all. True, the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide is steadily increasing and this increase is probably due to use of fossil fuels. There is also evidence that the earth has warmed over the past 100 years.

But since the earth's climate has warmed and cooled on it's own within the past 1,000 years, and has suddenly shifted from ice ages to warm times and back in the past 100,000 years, and has been much, much hotter than it is now in the past 50,000,000 million years, and it did all of this without SUVs and Republicans and air conditioning, and that simply reducing the amount of the predicted 2 to 7 degrees C warming by just 0.5 degrees will cost trillions of dollars, then it's no wonder people are more worried about being blown up by fanatical facist Muslims.

If Mayor Anderson and Robert Redford and Al Gore were more in tune with real people in the real world, they'd understand that. But then this isn't about global warming; it never was. It's about finding ways to run other people's lives, something the Brie-cheese-and-white-wine crowd will never grow tired of.


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