Sunday, July 03, 2005

And make sure to put on clean underwear, too

In the previous post (the one that produced the Instalanche) I mentioned that I wrote it up quickly and didn't really take time to include several items that I wanted to. It was late Friday night, I was tired, and I had a busy day ahead of me. As I was about to click the "publish post" button, I thought perhaps I should expand it a bit and rewrite some parts to clarify the important issues. Naaahh, I thought. I need to get to bed. I can rewrite it later.

Besides, no one ever reads this blog, anyway.

I spent most of Saturday with a buddy from work, installing a new video card and expanding my RAM, and then re-installing Windows and all my software. I didn't bother checking the Warren. When I logged on this morning, I was surprised to see not one but four comments, something which rarely happens. While I was reading Instapundit, I noticed the link.

Surprise, surprise.

I've written several posts that are much better. That was not the one I wanted everyone to read.

This is a good lesson for all us low-level, part-time bloggers. If you think you can write a better post, then save it as a draft instead of posting it. You never know when the Great All-Seeing Eye of Instapundit or some other BlogGod will focus on you and deem you worthy of a link.


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