Saturday, June 18, 2005

He must be a Republican Mole

I've been so busy lately with family reunions and taking my kids to Lagoon I haven't had much time to blog, so I've missed some big news items, such as Senator Durbin confirming to everyone just what the Democrat Party thinks of our troops. Michelle Malkin is all over it, though.

I'll just say with enemies like this, who needs friends?

UPDATE: I want to add that despite my flippant attitude, I understand the seriousness of this. But I'm not shocked. Not at all.

This is what the Democrats truly think of the military. Durbin's comments are what they have been saying to each other since Viet Nam in their exclusive Hollywood fundraisers and Georgetown dinner parties. The only shocking thing about it is that they are so open and bold with their views.

I agree with Rush: Let Durbin talk. It's important that the American people understand what the Democrats really believe.


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