Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Who is the most hated man in Utah?

Based on what newspaper columnists are saying, it's not Mark Hacking.

It's Dell Schanze.

Who is Dell Schanze, you ask? Well, for those Warren readers who are more than 25 years old, imagine Jim Varney's nosy neighbor "Ernest" character on speed. Schanze is arrogant, irritating, hyper, smug, loud, grating; you name a negative adjective, it probably fits him. He owns a successful computer chain and a gun shop, and is known for his outlandish advertising (example: "Gateway Computers are totally heinous pieces of garbage").

He's also ambitious, brilliant, market-savvy, and very libertarian/conservative, which goes a long way in explaining why Salt Lake's Establishment Media hate him so. Last week it was Holly Mullen of the Tribune who gloated over his recent arrest; this week Doug Robinson added his two cents. It's notable that neither columinst has said a peep about Mark Hacking recently.

But when Mr. Schanze got into legal trouble, they were on it like bias on PBS.

Schanze has always rubbed proper Salt Lake elites the wrong way. He dropped out of high school when he found he could make computers more cheaply than Dell, Gateway, or Compaq. He has been an outspoken champion of conservative causes, especially that of gun rights. He has refused to tone down his advertisements and continues to openly insult competitors. While it has not made him many friends, it has sold alot of computers.

(Full disclosure: I own a Totally Awesome computer. It has been everything it was advertised to be, and the warranty service from the company has been top-notch. Aside from a brief e-mail exchange years ago, I have never met Mr. Schanze).

As for this recent dust-up, I wouldn't be surprised if he were guilty. And if he is guilty, then he should be held accountable. High-energy people like Schanze are often prone to erratic behavior; it's part of their makeup. "Super Dell" didn't get where he is by working within the system. American history is full of iconoclastic types such as him, ones that ignore established practices and overturn conventional wisdom on their way to success. It's part of the reason why the elites of the world instinctively hate America: it's a place where ambitious, obnoxious drop-outs can get rich quicker than their Intellectual Betters.

So that is why two columnists from Utah's two major newspapers devoted a whole column each to a misdemeanor traffic incident, instead of a lurid homicide: Mark Hacking doesn't represent a challenge to any established order. Dell Schanze does.


At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good thing it was misdemeanor traffic incident and not a felony traffic homicide!

At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Richard C said...

This man is a danger to our society. Little men with little minds, and big egos always try to force the minds of their betters. Dell, with a gun, is a perfect example for this country to enact stronger gun controls.

At 11:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know much about this Dell guy. But, when his defender has to admit his is a jerk, I can imagine why others hate him so much.

And Being able to money quicker than others is not why others hate America. It's the view that it's OK to be a jerk as long as you can get rich/powerful, like you and this Dell guy seem to belive, is why others hate America.

At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Being able to money quicker than others is not why others hate America. It's the view that it's OK to be a jerk as long as you can get rich/powerful, like you and this Dell guy seem to belive, is why others hate America.

And you don't think everyone who hates America would do the exact same thing if they could?

At 1:28 AM, Blogger SUPERDELL said...

Yea what a jerk, he didn't scream, yell, swear or act like a jerk in any way he just excersised his right to defend himself from 3 armed assailants. Put him in jail I say!! People should know better than to prevent evil people from harming them and their children. This is a free country, you should be able to attack anyone you like with a lethal weapon like a rock. To think someone would be such a jerk as to prevent their own death. Unbelievable!!

At 6:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

some people are just dumb as to not know there rights in america...thats what is making this country have so many problems superdell the smart law understanding americans have your back


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