Thursday, May 26, 2005

Get a life, people

Via WizBang, I found this story about the outrage over the new Carl's Jr. Paris Hilton ad. Since I am happily married and long past my teenage years, I don't really spend my time obsessing over dizty sluts like her (I'm probably the only heterosexual man with an internet connection who has not seen the porn video). She's defintely overrated, and within 5 years will officially be in the has-been class.

Kind of like Carl's Jr. I haven't eaten there for years; the food is average and much more expensive than what you would pay for the same thing at McDonald's or Burger King. My personal theory is that only through controversial, "edgy" advertising such as this do they keep their heads above water in the competitive fast-food market. Their food certainly doesn't keep them afloat.

But for cryin' out loud, if you don't like their advertisement, DON'T EAT THERE! Why, oh why, do you automatically have to involve the FCC? Does everything have to be a Federal issue?

And I got news for the folks at the Parent's Television Council: Virtually all of prime-time television is soft-core porn. As a parent, I've been amazed at what is being shown on network TV nowadays. I can remember parental advisory announcements whenever CBS would show a James Bond flick (Diamonds are Forever -- quite mild by today's standards). If you don't want to see it, turn it off. And then tell the network you turned it off.

I can sympathize with parents; after all, I am one. But I can't see how it is so difficult to control your kids TV-watching. My son doesn't seem very interested in Buffy reruns. His favorite channels are the Military Channel, the History Channel, and Nickelodeon (for the Looney Toons reruns only). Maybe it's because I actually am there with him when he's watching TV, or maybe it's because he has no interest in shallow subjects, or maybe he's just a geek. But we have no problems with inappropriate material at our house: If it's offensive, we CHANGE THE CHANNEL OR TURN IT OFF.

Try it sometime, it works.


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