Friday, May 27, 2005

And there's a bridge in Brooklyn for sale, too

Via Insty, we discover that the normally sensible Katharine Lopez of National Review's Corner sometimes believes the media hype and distortion.

Oh, come on. A generic poll shows 53% of Americans willing to vote for Hillary Clinton? Yeah, maybe 53% of the population as a whole, but not 53% of likely voters. This is "manufacturing consent" (to coin a Chomsky phrase) at its worst.

And notice that her support is still very soft -- only 29% say they would be "very likely" to vote for her, while a whopping 39% say they are "not at all likely" to vote for her. I'm inclined to believe that the overwhelming majority of the 39% who oppose her would crawl over broken glass in a snowstorm on election day to vote against her.

Hillary simply isn't ever going to be president. Unless, of course, the Republicans continue their stupid ways. And GOP strategists take note: We members of the grassroots are pretty pissed off right now.


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