Sunday, April 02, 2006

A broken clock is right twice daily

One of my favorite targets finally gets an issue right.

Observing the immigration protests in Utah last week, DesNews columnist Lee Benson wonders why everyone was waving Mexican flags, and makes an important observation: If you're trying to convince the majority of Americans that you're happy to be here, then why not wave American flags?

Indeed. Over the past two weeks I have noticed my pragmatic personal views on immigration hardening into something simliar to those of the close-the-border lobby. It's not the illegal immigrants that bother me so much as the sense of entitlement that they carry with them: The idea that they deserve to be here. After seeing the open contempt these people have for American laws, culture, and history I can't help but feel we'd be much better off without them.

Here's a hint for the La Raza mafia: Loudly proclaiming your Mexican pride and calling Utah "nuestra tierra" might not be the best way to appeal to Americans. True, there are some 12 million illegal immigrants in the US. There are also some 280 million legal Americans. And if a strong majority of those 280 million "legals" ever perceive those 12 million "illegals" to be a significant threat to their welfare and way of life, you'll see closed borders and forced deportations faster than you can say "Reconquista".

You can bank on it.


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