Friday, March 17, 2006

But this Utah Democrat gets it...I think

Finally, the Salt Lake County Council has noticed gun owners. There is a proposal in the works to expand the existing Salt Lake County Sheriff's gun range and open it to the public. And leading the charge is Councilman Randy Horiuchi.

For those not familiar with Utah politics, Randy Horiuchi is about as Democrat as a Democrat can get. He used to be the state party chairman but then "retired" to the Council a few years ago. He's not known to be a friend of gun owners, so I interpret this as an open effort to build bridges to our side.

Predictably, there are some in his party who aren't as enthusiastic. Even though there is a clear need for another gun range in Salt Lake County, the idea that precious tax monies to support The Arts and Children's Parks would be used for a...gun range is without a doubt not sitting well with the latte-drinking Limousine Liberals who hog the money from the special Zoo, Arts, and Parks tax to support their symphony. Since the ZAP tax committee must approve the proposal first, it's not even close to a done deal yet.

But this is an excellent way for Democrats to appeal to gun owners in an election year. We'll see if Mr. Horiuchi can hold off the left wing of his party and shepherd it through the process. If so, perhaps Utah Democrats can return from the dead.


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