Sunday, February 26, 2006

El-ahrairah's obligatory Cindy Sheehan post

(Posted from an e-mail at his request -- CH)

She burned up her 15 minutes in America, how ‘bout Europe?

Everyone’s favorite war protestor, ”Saint Cindy” Sheehan, has decided that since she used up her alloted 15-minutes of fame many months ago in America, she’ll go to Europe and see how long it lasts over there. She is planning on leading a Camp Casey protest at Ramstein Air Base, stopping by Paris to spew anti-Bush propaganda, appearing before the European Parliament in Strasbourg and finishing up in Berlin for “various activities”. I’m not surprised that she is going to Europe. Nobody wants to listen to her anymore in America, so why not go to Europe where the the climate is much more receptive to anti-American/anti-Bush rhetoric. If we are lucky, she’ll decide to stay there.


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