Monday, February 20, 2006

Photo Ice-fishing blogging: Strawberry Reservoir

Went fishing today up at Strawberry Reservoir, about 50 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. Not a bad day overall, but it was very cold to begin with, and warmed up only enough to not be uncomfortable.

As proof, here's the thermometer on my day pack. As you can see, it's registering just a bit above zero. And the only reason it's above zero is because the sun is shining on it.

Here's a well-bundled Captain Holly, holding a 17-inch cutthroat trout in his very cold hands. I caught only three all day but they were all between 16 and 20 inches long. Very beautiful fish.

The sun came out and warmed things up, but a few snow squalls created whiteout conditions where we were. It was so bad that one of my fishing buddies jokingly asked if I had a compass in case we couldn't tell where the car was parked.



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