Tuesday, February 21, 2006

El-ahrairah's Iraqi Diary, Page Four

(Posted from an e-mail at his request. Spelling and grammatical errors are his, not mine. -- CH)

Here is yet another installment of The Great El-ahrairah’s Excellent Iraqi Adventure. Since the last time, the rain comes and goes and so do the mortar attacks, but that’s about all. When the sun comes out, it can get rather balmy during the daytime and make you think that spring is just around the corner.

Here’s an update on the French “Ship O’ Death”. Since my last post, the Clemenceau has passed thru the SuezCanal. However, it cannot enter Indian territorial waters before 13 February. Greenpeace has been challenged by someone to “put their money where their mouth is” and actually prove their “doom and gloom” claims about cancer and workers in the Indian shipyard and in their defense, Greenpeace now says that they don’t what to close the shipyard, just clean it up. Indian shipyards fear that the controversy over the Clemenceau will hurt their business due to a tightening of environmental regulations. And finally, the French have now offered to take back any toxic waste that remains after the ship is dismantled. Like I said in my earlier post, just sink the ship and be done with it. If France is worried about environmental fallout, etc., they can sink it at Moruroa atoll. If you will remember, Moruroa atoll is where France performed a large number of nuclear tests so the area is already contaminated by nuclear fallout and a few more tons of asbestos isn’t going to make any difference one way or the other. The added bonus of sinking the Clemenceau there would be that Greenpeace wouldn’t be too keen about showing up to protest since the French wouldn’t think twice about “accidentally” sinking the Rainbow Warrior again.

Before I close out this installment of my Iraqi Diary, I’ll give my prediction for Super Bowl XL (extra large?): Steelers by two touchdowns over the Seahawks. I’ll have to stay up all night to watch the game since it starts at 2:00 AM here, but at least we’ll have free pizza (I’m buying. I lost a bet). So, GO STEELERS!!!

(Okay, yeah I know I should have posted this earlier. He did pick the winning team, though. -- CH)


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