Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Why the Reconquista won't happen anytime soon

Michelle Malkin has a post which illustrates why many factions of the supposedly monolithic Hispanic voting bloc probably aren't very enamored with all this Reconquista talk from illegal immigrants.

Note that the victims in the story -- the older couple who told the protesting teenagers to learn English -- are Hispanics themselves. And great way to win friends and influence people, kids. I'm sure those Hispanics, and all the members of their extended Hispanic family, are going to eagerly support amnesty for Mexican illegals after their parents/grandparents' house gets pelted with rocks and eggs.

The Utah Media are fond of repeating -- usually when discussing illegal immigration -- that nearly 12%(!) of Utahs are Hispanic. Obviously, the implication is that every one of them recently crossed the border from Mexico, and they all will vote in the next election. But of course, that is highly simplistic, and is typical of liberals. Many, if not most, Hispanic Utahns are 3rd-, 4th-, or 5th-generation Americans who were born here, speak only English, and likely have Anglo relatives. They're not likely to be very enthusiastic about returning to Mexico.


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