Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My expert immigration debate opinion (OK, you now know what to think)

Yet, again, just because of my superior mental abilities (or the fact that I’m currently married to a "fur-en-ner"), I’m The Warren’s expert on immigration issues. As such, it is my duty to weigh in on the current immigration debate.

As I see it, the US could do a few things that would make illegal immigration less popular. They are:

1. Do not automatically award citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants who are born in the US. This would take away the incentive for parents to come here and have children, knowing that they could not be thrown out later on down the road.

2. Build a security fence along the border a la Israel. I’m not talking about three strands of concertina wire, I’m talking about a 20-foot high concrete barrier which would really provide an obstacle to crossing the border. Some have said that a fence would not work, but it seems to have worked very well for the Israelis.

3. Not only make being in the US illegally a felony, but also make providing food, shelter and comfort to an illegal a felony. This would cause most of the jobs that are provided for illegals dry up if the business owner could be thrown in jail.

I think that if these items were implemented, illegal crossings would start going down since the incentives for illegally coming into the US would go way down. We would still have those members of the "free lunch", bleeding-hearts liberal crowd who would flaunt the laws, but eventually, after they are ruined economically from defending themselves in court, the word will get around that helping illegals is a quick way to loose your Malibu Ocean-front home.

Unfortunately, this being an election year, Congress, is suddenly all up in arms over this issue now (it’s called management by crises). Because of this, we are guaranteed to get some sort of legislation which does nothing to address the problem and will only give Congress an excuse to pat themselves on the back.


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