Thursday, April 27, 2006

Why can't they do this every day of the year?

In case any of the regular readers of the Warren missed it, yesterday was the National Day of Silence. Participants in this largely symbolic (read:useless) exercise spent the entire day not talking (many with duct tape over their mouths) to "educate" the public (at large) what it is like to be gay and not be able to tell your friends/family/news media.

Why can't everyday be a "National Day of Silence" and spare the rest of us from endless pontificating about how gays are discriminated against? Maybe straight people should have their own "Day of Silence" where we get to walk around with earpulgs to symbolize that, for one day, we would really rather not hear about anything to do with the gay lifestyle, etc., because unlike the Hollywood and/or the news media, we think that choosing to live a gay lifestyle (no, contrary to what you may hope, you are not born that way; it is a choice) is abnormal.


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