Sunday, December 24, 2006

Photo-ice-fishing-blogging: Mantua Reservoir

Went out for my customary Christmas holiday ice fishing trip.

Normally, I go to Causey Reservoir because it's usually the one of the first to freeze at this time of year. However, due to the recent cold snap I went to Mantua reservoir to check out the fishing there.

It was quite cold, with a biting wind coming from the north (Note to self: Time to buy a portable shelter). I wasn't that cold, but it did make things a bit uncomfortable, since I couldn't take off my gloves or face mask for very long. And the wind makes it hard to see if you've got a bite or not. But I did have some luck.

I hooked this nice rainbow trout. I kept fishing to see if I could bring home another one for dinner, but all I caught the rest of the day were little yellow perch. So overall, not a bad day, but it could have been much better.



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