Monday, December 11, 2006

El-ahrairah: Blogging from somewhere in the Middle East

(Posted at his request, grammar and spelling corrected -- natch. CH)

For the last month, the Great El-ahrairah has been "standing by to stand by" as the powers that be took their time deciding when to send me back to Arablandia. They finally decided and about a week ago, I got sent back here, which means that I can't access The Warren or even post, ergo, I asked the Cap'n to post this.

I'm not in Iraq, but another flat, desert country with lots o' oil and not much population. For those who are keeping track (probably no one), this is my sixth time since 1999 that I've visited Arablandia for my work, which is six more times than Brother Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha or any of the other "cut and run" Defeat-o-crats in Congress who are suddenly experts on what the US should do in the region (at least the Junior Senator from New York, Senator "Harpy" Klinton, took the time to visit some troops in Afghanistan at Thanksgiving a few years back). At least the Donks are constant. They never make any informed decisions.

Speaking of Senator Harpy, I see that she is starting to ramp up her presidential election campaign ( Some may think that this is bad for the GOP, but I think it's probably good for the GOP because going into an election, 40% of all voters have said that they would rather have barium enemas than vote for Senator Klinton. It's also probably good because it will enable the GOP to very easily hang what her husband did fighting terrorists (which was nothing) around her neck. As long as the GOP doesn't nominate anyone associated with the Bush administration, the Donks are going to have a hard time linking the GOP candidate with anything in Iraq. It's probably also good that many voters see this as just a way for her husband to get around the 22nd Amendment (no one can be elected president more than twice) since as they famously said during the 1992 elections, "you vote for one and you get two".It will be interesting to see if she will actually criticize anything that her husband did.

I can see this shaping up the same way that the election of 1968 did. LBJ's vice-president, Hubert Humphrey was forced to carry LBJ's failed Vietnam policy around his neck until late in the election, which contributed to his defeat. Senator Harpy will probably start out defending her husband, but I predict that she will be forced to admit that he actually did nothing during the 90's to stop the terrorists and only contributed to the attacks on 9/11. This could be her way of getting back at her husband for all the "bimbo eruptions" that she has had to support during the years. Boy, what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall in their house the day that happens.


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