Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Christmas comes early this year (Gun Pr0n)

Waaay back in February of this year, I had planned to set aside some money from tax returns and spend a couple of weeks hunting whitetail deer up on our property in north-central Idaho this fall. I was really looking forward to the vacation -- it's something I've wanted to do for years -- but knowing how things usually go I wasn't too optimistic I would be able to do it. When you have four kids there's always something that comes along and eats up whatever money you have squirreled away.

Well, as usual I wasn't able to go hunting, but oddly enough it was more due to pressing family obligations and a lack of vacation time, not money. But with the money I didn't spend I was able to get a swell consolation prize: A brand-new Springfield Armory M-1A.

For the uninitiated (and that includes you liberals who sometimes drop by this site), that's the civilian version of the US Military's venerable M-14 battle rifle, a reliable, accurate and powerful weapon that is considered by some to be superior to the M-16. It proved itself during the first years in Viet Nam before being replaced by the lighter M-16, but has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts in Iraq because it fires the powerful 7.62 NATO cartridge and thus has greater knock-down power than the M-16/M-4 clones (Note: If you ever want to start an argument on a gun forum, just post something with the title of "The 5.56 NATO is the best man-stopper ever!" and then stand back and watch the fireworks).

Anyway, here are the pics:

I opted for the Mossy Oak stock instead of the tradtional wood because it felt more solid in my hands, and because I intend for this rifle to get a fair amount of rough use (e.g., hunting, varmiting, plinking, NRA high power) I don't want to worry about dings or scratches in the finish.

A look at the bright, shiny new chamber.

As you can tell, I stocked up on hi-cap mags. I sent off an order the day before the election, when it looked likely that the Democrats were going to win and we'd have to face the possibility of another hi-cap ban.

I haven't had time to get to the range yet, but I'm looking forward to it. The rifle feels great in my shoulder and has good balance. When the local NRA club starts shooting high power next year I'll be there. I'm also looking at mounting a good scope, getting a bipod, and turning it into a Coyote Killer.


At 7:49 AM, Blogger The Great El-ahrairah said...

Yes! Gun Porn! The only thing I like more than War Porn is Gun Porn (and maybe Computer Hardware Porn). Anyway, I'm lusting and coveting your rifle, but if you really want a good varmit/coyote rifle, a M-16 derivative (Mini-14/AR-15) is the way to go. A 7.76 cartridge is kind of overkill.

At 12:14 PM, Blogger The Great El-ahrairah said...

BTW, the sainted wife said she doesn't like the stock color (just like a female!). She wants something else, but I don't remember what, so the next time you are going to a gun shop, take her along to tell me what she's talking about.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. The 5.56 NATO rules all rifle cartridges!

At 11:31 AM, Blogger TmjUtah said...

Cap'n, drop me a line if you are heading to Lee Kay or another local range.

I am not a CMP member yet.

The Infinitely Better Half has been chivvying me about the number of milsurps adorning the new racks down in our basement...

... and dropped a $150.00 Big5 gift card on me for Christmas.

Congrats on the present, sir.


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