Sunday, December 24, 2006

BYU Football has officially returned from the dead

BYU football is back. Fear the Cougars!

It was a great game for us fans. We've waited a long time to see the Cougs trounce an arrogant BCS school. The score wouldn't have been so lopsided if Oregon had decided to show up for the game, but given their coach's attitude towards BYU and the Mountain West Conference, it's not surprising they overlooked the Cougars.

Oh, and a note to Coach Belotti: I can agree that teams like USC are a cut above anyone else in the country, and I can even accept the fact that in general the PAC-10 has more talented players and a higher level of competition than the Mountain West.

But you know, if you're going to bad mouth your opponent, it's generally considered bad form to do so after you have received a 38-8 nuclear wedgie from them in front of a national TV audience. It's true that this BYU team would have a hard time going undefeated in your conference. But it's also quite true that based on the final score of this game, they'd finish alot higher than you would.

Also, congrats to the Utes on their victory. Too bad New Mexico didn't hold up their end of the bargain, but the MWC still had three solid victories this bowl season.


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