Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Stupid Dog Owners

And now for an example of one of my "pet" peeves: Irresponsible dog owners. Up in Park City, a dog that was chasing and attempting to kill a deer was shot by Sheriff's deputies. Naturally, the dense upper-class woman who let the dog run loose is hysterical.

Utah Law is crystal clear on this: If you let your dog run loose and it threatens domestic animals or protected wildlife, anybody can shoot it. In practice, unless you're the property owner or a law enforcement officer, you'll probably get alot of grief for doing so. But the law was specifically written so that packs of gentle "domestic" dogs wouldn't be able to run down animals and threaten people with impunity.

I've lived in the Park City area, and I can safely say that it is home to some of the most irresponsible dog owners on God's Green Earth. The stupidity of these people has to be seen to be believed. Dogs were allowed to run wild throughout the subdivision where my mother-in-law lived, and they would eat your garbage and leave nice packages in your yard. My wife told of an experience she had as a teenager where she was cornered in the woods by a pack of "tame" dogs and had to give them her lunch to get away.

I'm sure there's a silent majority of Park City residents who said "it's about frickin' time" when they heard about this incident. But there is also a solid minority of idiotic left-wing animal lovers from California/East Coast who are up in arms. Apparently, they have made enough noise that the County Council is going to "modify" the policy. Unfortunately, it will probably be "modified" to the point where dogs will be allowed to roam free and kill anything that moves, while the cretins who own them won't receive anything but a stern talking-to.

Too bad. All it would take are a couple of more dead dogs and there wouldn't be a dog problem anymore. The dumbs#*ts who cause 90% of the problems would start taking care of their dogs if there was a better than even chance Fido wouldn't be coming home after running loose all night. People tend to be very responsible when it's a matter of life or death.


At 12:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this post is over 2 years old, but I just have to comment, because I am approached every single time I (responsibly) take my dog to the park on his leash, by off-leash dogs with STUPID OWNERS. I have no doubt the "hysterical owner" of the dog who was shot was of the same mind as the STUPID OWNER who told me yesterday after her off-leash dog attacked my on-leash dog, that I "need to get control of my anger". Well, I had news for them! They were lucky I had forgotten to bring my pepper spray with me that day, as we were only on a quick trip up to the park to run off some pent-up energy after a long several weeks of inclimate weather, because I would have given their dog a face full (would rather spray the STUPID OWNERS). These very irresponsible people who 1) knowingly disobey leash laws, 2) have dogs with little or no obedience training and do not come to them when called, and 3) are always the aggressors if they are off-leash and are aggressively approaching an on-leash dog, are posing a serious physical and emotional threat to the dog who is being handled responsibly. My dog, who is never off leash unless we are in a designated fenced-in off-leash dog park, is very well socialized, very well trained (comes when I call him!), but is in jeopardy of becoming aggressive if he is continually confronted/attacked by these free-roaming dogs owned by the clueless "oh he's friendly", "oh he just wants to play" irresponsible dog owner. Off-leash dogs do not "play" with on-leash dogs, and the educated/responsible dog owner knows this, and the well-trained/properly socialized dog knows this as well.

My advice to the responsible owner with the well-adjusted, well-trained, well-socialized, non-aggressive dog: Buy pepper spray, and if an off-leash dog confronts you or approaches aggressively and will not respond to commands of "NO!", "BACK!", "AWAY!" or "OFF!"....SPRAY IT! Do not risk your own dog being traumatized and becoming aggressive just because some idiot doesn't "get" that their dog is aggressive and disrespectful. As for the dog who attacked my dog at the park yesterday, I hope next time it pulls a stunt like that it gets its face ripped off by the on-leash dog.


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