Sunday, December 18, 2005

Yet again, what liberal bias?

In yet another example of liberal bias, here is an MSM report on President Bush's speech and a report by blogger Michele Malkin on the same speech. Which one would you believe? Judging from the MSM track record of liberal bias (I don't think this study will be featured on 60 minutes), I tend to get my news from bloggers more than the MSM. Whenever something happens in the world, before believing what the MSM says, I check with the blogosphere to "fact check" the MSM. Just think what the state of affairs in the US would be like without the Internet and the blogosphere. We'd have to go back to having looser presidents like Jimmah Cahtah and Bill the Molester who could say anything they wanted without being challenged by reporters. Yet another good reason why the Internet rocks!


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